I’m Blessed

I love, love, love, love, love fall.
I’m blessed that my husband is employed, as it is so very evident these days.
I’m blessed with kids who sometimes offer to help.
I’m blessed that when David fell off the bunk bed while goofing off and also landed on his head, we did not have to go to the emergency room.  I wonder if God makes little boys’ heads extra thick.  I’m now reflecting on how much that would explain, as well as the blessings and curses that would imply if it were true.

I’ve been thinking about my grandparents lately, and missing them.  I’m so blessed that they’re still with us, although too many miles away.  Sometimes I get panicky realizing the reality how little time they can possibly have left and how little I get to see them.  At least we have letters.  Whenever we talk on the phone they’re certain that I must be too busy and try to keep it quick.  I wish I could convince them that’s the last thing I want.  They’re not sick or anything.  I just miss them.

I’m blessed to have a spouse that leads our family so passionately.  Although I get frustrated so many times thinking he is out of touch with what goes on day to day, when I follow him it always turns out better than I expect.  It unburdens me so much too.  I’m blessed that he is trustworthy enough to follow.  (That may be an understatement.)

I’m thankful for the views of the stars I’ve seen lately as the sun is setting so much faster each day.  The stars are amazing out here in the country.  It can nearly knock you over.

I’m thankful that God holds the future.  When I get caught in worry, or any kind of uncertainty, I can know that God saw it coming.  He knows it, and even better than that He can handle it.

Would you like to share how God is blessing you?  You know the deal: stick a link to this blog on your blog, and leave your link below in the box.  Feel free to leave a comment if you would rather do it that way.  I read every single comment and they all warm my heart so much, and they’re not even about me.  Imagine how God might feel when you go bragging on Him!


  1. Mom says

    I’m so thankful for a job, too. I’m also thankful for a staff member that I knew was struggling, who came up to me last week and said, “I love my job!”. I was afraid I might lose her. I’m thankful for good friends. I’m especially thankful for my husband and children. Most of all, I’m thankful for God’s faithfulness!

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