Slow Love Review

              “Slow Love” was a pleasure to read.  Browning is descriptive, honest, and human.

                It should come with a big fat warning that her unemployment is not typical. Normally job loss equals financial struggle.  Her worst case scenario involved selling one of her houses.
                I think that those who have retired might relate a bit better.  Regardless of money, when your life is suddenly changed, it’s human to feel lost.
                It is about someone who is lost and how she tries to find her way back. 
                She spends a lot of time talking about a guy. The foil to this relationship where he has no real respect for her is her constant claim that she’s a feminist.  I laughed when she repeatedly wrote it, because her behavior is the opposite of what I imagine the modern definition of “feminist” is.  She is obviously a very powerful woman, and all she wants is to be rescued by prince charming…something she can’t make him do. 
                What broke my heart, was her search for God.  In one of her low times when she is struck with insomnia, she goes to her doctor, and then her astrologer.  She looks into Buddhist teaching and still nothing.  In the middle of the night she finds a Bible.
                Her impression is enlightening.  Throughout, she sees people tremble before God, and she tries to understand why.  It was fascinating. 

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