Each season has its own palette.  Fall will soon be here full of its gold, reds, and browns.  Winter will return with the whites, grays, and black.  Spring will return again with its rainbow.  As for late Summer, the color is green.
Heirloom broccoli and green beans.
afternoon amusement (followed by rigorous handwashing)
 grass, with a background of soy beans.
crab apples, just starting to think about changing colors
 more grass with a background of corn…which will not be green now for long
a bell pepper that accidentally started growing between stems on the plant.
I’ll admit, it’s much harder getting sick of the green of late Summer than the white of late Winter.


  1. Mom says

    No kidding. And we really noticed the green coming up from AZ. It almost took our breath away. It was beautiful!

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