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Knitting and reading.   *Sigh*   Is there anything more peaceful in a hectic time.  Thanks, Ginny, for continuing to host the Yarn Along.  I keep doing it because it’s still fun.

I finished up the last little bit of Silje’s Milo Vest.  I made hers in size 6 and Solveig’s in size 18 months.  I’m thinking that’s where they’ll both be this winter around Christmas.  So now, I have a decision to make.  Do I next move onto making the finishing touches on Silje’s surprise American Girl Doll Dress that just needs sleeves, and then pretty up the pattern I had made up for it and put in on this blog?  (She’s getting her doll on Thursday for her birthday…) Or, do I plug away extra hard at the Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt that I’ve been working on for years and have set the goal to have the top ready to quilt this winter?  Or, do I abandon all “finish things you start” ethic, and work on the “Dirk” little boy sweater that is done with the design stages and just ready to cast on and test out.

So many projects…so little time.  That is the theme these days, isn’t it? Anyone relate?

In all reality, I should say the answer is door #4…get your house in order and weed the garden, Gretchen!  Well, at least that’s what the answer should be… but one does need something to do after the kids are in bed and I’m having my much needed “sit on a couch” time.  We saved so long for our couch.  I do like to use it at least once a day.

I have really been enjoying Loving the Little Years.  The chapters are so short, the thoughts are quick.  I love how real this book is.  It’s not talking about ideal parenting, or what you should or shouldn’t do as a mother.  You may or may not agree with her method of disciplining, or coping mechanisms (we all have them), but the book isn’t about either of these. It’s about finding joy as a mother.  Most especially, finding joy when you are constantly surrounded by little ones.  The back of the book says she has a 5 year old, 4 year old, twin 2 year olds, and a 5 month old.  This author does not live in “ideal.”  She lives in reality.  There are ideas as well as to how to get to your child’s heart, and helps to model and direct a godly attitude.

I came across a great article on the ministry of motherhood going around Facebook, and came to find out that the same author of this book wrote the article.  It put into words what God has been putting on my heart for a few years now.  If you have some spare moments, I bet mothers reading this would be blessed by it as well.  In fact, if you don’t read anything else today, read the article, or pass it onto another mother.  It gets straight  to the heart.


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    Thanks for sharing that wonderful article. Living overseas (but not as missionaries in the first sense) does create an intrigue for those who are not here. But in reality, our home life is still very simple and normal because our home is where we invest our time and love. Thanks for the loving reminder.

    And the vests are just adorable!!

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    Lovely vests! I know what you mean about having so many projects on the go – it’s hard to prioritize when you’ve got so many lovely things to create. Good luck turning those WIPs into FOs!

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    Lovely vests. I have just come over from ginny’s blog and will be back to have a nice long look around. And I know what you mean about that long list of projects -just never enough time and I also love the evenings when I can sit on the lounge after a long day and knit or sew!

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