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I don’t normally write posts like this, but I should do them more often.  Every once in awhile, a story touches your heartstrings, and you just have to share it.  I know from time to time I blog about the “divas” my group of online mom friends.  It’s amazing how relationships can blossom online, isn’t it?  Someone you have never met in real life who is so much like you.  You both have kids.  You go through pregnancies together.  You craft together.  You debate together.

I can think of a few times the divas had me crying.  Many other times, I have been called to pray.  Oftentimes, the divas gather together and make a quilt in times of need.  This time, there’s something I can give freely, and that’s publicity.  Let me tell you a story.

Berritt is one of the founding divas.  She designed the “fattycakes” diaper pattern which is honestly one of my favorites.  I like that her name is Norwegian.  It’s like she’s family. (grin)  Anyway, Berritt is known for giving her opinion without apology, which is one of my favorite traits about her.  I admire it.  She never beats around the bush with words and is often direct, but always truthful and kind as well.  (She’s obviously not a Minnesotan Norwegian but the West Coast kind.)  So much compassion and so much conviction.

Another thing Berritt is known for is her passion for her husband.  Seriously, it’s always Alex this and Alex that.  No one ever doubts her love for him or his for her.  So many women get together with friends and complain about their husbands, but not Berritt.  She’s always bragging about how much they love each other.  She tells of how he supports her and she him.  It normally puts us all to shame, or inspires us, and sometimes both.

A month or two ago, Berritt made a comment that she thought her husband was losing too much weight.  He was trying to lose weight, but it seemed to be coming off too fast.  We all told her that guys always lose weight easier than women, etc.  Very recently, he went in for a routine physical for work, and got a diagnosis of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia or CML.  You can only imagine how Berritt must be feeling.  Not to mention, their little girls.

After more tests, they found out that his cancer is very treatable.  Many people have CML and live for a long time.  His outlook is very good.  As she breathed a sigh of relief, they found out the 2 small catches.  First the medicine he needs to stay alive costs about $7000/month and their insurance does not cover prescriptions.  (This will likely be a long term kinda deal.)  Second, because of this diagnosis, Alex did not pass his physical for his work and needs to find a new job.

Now, we all know that there’s things you can do.  You can apply for grants and help and talk to prescription companies, etc. etc. etc.  Believe me, knowing Berritt, every application will be done.  Every letter will be written.  In fact, she doesn’t even seem to feel the hiccup of this because at least her husband will live.  The whole money thing is secondary to that. 

As the divas discussed if there was anything we could do, and it was realized that even taking up a collection wouldn’t cover one month’s worth of drugs.  Most of us are stay at home moms, and money doesn’t really get passed around freely in any of our households.  Berritt took to the discussion and requested that if anyone wanted to help, first, they could pray.  She’s asking for her husband to be covered with prayer.  I would ask that not only will Alex be healed, but that both of them would feel the presence of God in a very real way during this journey.  May they never doubt his love, or ever go without his comfort.

Second, Berritt makes sewing patterns.  She said that if we liked, we could promote her business, or even buy a pattern.  As most of us already have several of her patterns, (they’re that amazing) we’re all trying to promote them.  I have used her patterns, and I haven’t been disappointed by one of them.  It’s a sustainable income for them, which may come in handy during this time of uncertainty.

So calling all of you who sew!

Here is her diaper pattern.  It’s amazing.  It’s about the most versatile fit in diaper patterns out there.  It uses more fabric than others, I think, but it fits just about every baby out there, which is quite astonishing.  All of Elias’ nap diapers are from the Fattycakes pattern.  They are known as the bulletproof ones in our house.

Here are her kids patterns.  Most of them are clothing, but I’m totally getting the bowling set one since I don’t have it yet.  Some kids I know might be getting them for birthdays…or Christmas.  It just uses some fat quarters and it looks so darling!

(I made a button on the sidebar to remind you all to take a look.)

For those of you without babies or kids, here are her other patterns.  Things like e-reader carriers and camera straps.  They’re just so cute.

So, first off, don’t forget to pray for Berritt and Alex.  Second, take a look at her patterns.  You download them and print it off at home, so you don’t even need to wait for it to come in the mail.  It’s super easy to do.  If you don’t sew, consider getting a pattern as a gift for someone who does. 

I’m sure the family could use an extra boost in income right now.  It’s such an honorable way to help a family in crisis out, and you’ll get some of the coolest patterns out there out of the deal. 


  1. Anonymous says

    What kind of diaper is the Fattycakes pattern? I went to her site and was not sure. My mom keeps talking about helping me sew some diapers. :) ~Heather Krupa

  2. says

    I’ve made it as an all in one, and as a pocket. It really works best as a pocket diaper, in my opinion. It doesn’t give a lot of details, but a pocket diaper consists of just an inner and outer layer of fabric, so it’s pretty simple.

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