Our first snow of the season has arrived. It’s not supposed to stay. In fact, it’s supposed to be gone by the weekend, which is good for harvest. If the snow had not come, I bet harvest would have been done this week. However, I for one am not complaining that we got Knut home for a bit. I mean, he spent his time off fixing a toilet and cleaning a chimney, but still…nice to have him around.

Last night the power kept blinking off and on, and it was so windy and stormy out here on the farm. How cozy!

Since we had our busy Tuesday yesterday and Elias didn’t get a nap, he was sleeping in, which was torture for Silje and David. Knut and I wouldn’t let them run upstairs into the room Elias was sleeping in and get their warm clothes. Knut, Silje, and David were all up by the time I got up, and they were just jumping up and down in front of the window. (Well, Knut was jumping up and down on the inside.)

I teased the kids that I wasn’t sure when they were going to go outside, because we had to do some school first. Knut was the one with puppy eyes who spoke up first saying “But we heard on the radio that all the schools are 2 hours late! One is even 3 hours late! It’s only fair that we have late school today too!” (can you hear the whine?)

C’mon Knut, I was just joking.

Finally, by 9:30, I decided that Elias should wake up, and sent the kids upstairs to get their things. Elias woke up pretty pleasantly, and I got him changed, dressed, and fed and then headed to the closet to pull out all of our winter outerwear.

I know I should have gone through the things before the snow came, but whenever I got close to them, the kids started swarming around like bees, wondering when the snow is coming. Plus, it’s so hard to get them to try on snow pants when there is no snow to play in as a reward for such a chore.

I’ve got a system, though. I buy clothes either on clearance, garage sales, or from hand-me-downs and shoot for one of every-other size. So we have gender neutral boots in 7, 9, 11,13s, etc. Actually, with hand-me-downs from several different families at church, we have filled in some gaps too. The same goes with snow pants. Gender neutral, every other size. Well, we have one pair of purple ones, but here in Viking territory, we call that a boy color too.

Coats have not been bought in gender neutral colors, but I do tend to buy them 1-2 sizes too big. I’m determined to get 2 winters out of each one if I possibly can. I buy these sometimes full price though, because I want to be sure that the sleeves go to the knuckles at the beginning of the winter, otherwise I know they won’t make it through the end of winter. Try to find a winter coat for the kids in February when they’re not in the stores anymore, but there’s still a good chunk of winter left. Believe me, I’ve tried. Goodwill, consignment shops, department stores are all out.

Anyway, finding the right sizes, attaching the inner fleeces to the outer coats, finding mitten pairs, etc. took up quite a bit of time, but finally…they made it.

However, this is the best picture you’ll get today of David on his skis. O…he wasted no time. This pregnant mama is staying in her p.j.s, sending the kids outside and sipping a hot drink with this guy:


in front of this:
(I’m told we will finish the interior of the fireplace this winter. We’ll see!)

P.S. I love that Silje and David are old enough to send out to play.


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    Oh my! We live in western Wisconsin and havea the cold and the wind and boy is that wind whipping fast but we only had snow flurries this morning, you could just see it in the air but melted as soon as it hit the ground.

    Does look beautiful in your pictures though!

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    What a fun mama you are Gretchen! I let Zoelle play out in the snow this morning as well, but the younger too had to stay in with mama as it was far too much work to get them all bundled up only to come in! 😉

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