Homeschool Friday

David has been wearing his ski boots with his pajamas for school lately. You never know when you might need them in case of emergency, you know.

I brought out our US map puzzle this last week which I’ve been saving for a few months so they didn’t get all of their new school things at once. Silje and David take turns putting it together over and over, and I’m surprised how quickly they’re learning their states and capitols.

School has been good this week. We’ve more interruptions than usual it seems, with Knut being home at odd times, and of course the snow. We went to homeschool group on Tuesday, although we were really late because I was determined to take it easy and not rush. Neither the kids nor the group seemed to mind, though. Silje’s choir practices seem to be progressing much faster now, although I’m not there for them to see with my own eyes. They’re working on some actions to songs, which Silje’s pretty excited about.
I snapped a shot of Silje pausing a moment during her piano practice. I’m looking at this picture and thinking I should have reminded her to keep her wrists up more. The reader I picked for her at the library this week has been “Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing” and she’s was hesitant, because the cover wasn’t that great. However, she has declared it her favorite book ever, and rushes to tell me everyday what Peter and his little brother “Fudge” have done each day.

We’re continuing on with our unit on ancient Egypt, and Silje loves spending her free time looking at our library books with pictures of artifacts found during that time.


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Gretchen….I sent the picture along to my brother and niece, as well as our sons. I know they will enjoy seeing the piano under its new fingers! (And yes, I told them she does know about the wrist position…but just wasn’t doing it at the moment!)


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