Not Me Monday! (aka post 299)

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not set my children in front of the television to write this post.

I never mix up the name of my dog and the names of one of my children when I am scolding someone. I never shout “Lena, stop that!” When in fact, I mean one of my children. I am not my mother, or grandmother, and always say the right name with the right person/dog.
(Just to reassure everyone who is worried: the kids are never alone with Lena. They just love to be around each other pretty much all the time!)

I am not sneaking in the sneak peek of the 300 post giveaway for all of you. I mean, really…

I did not find this out of print Joel Dewberry fabric that I’ve been on the hunt for 2 years for (on ebay), and I’m not sharing it with you in the form of an incredibly cute bag. Not me!

I did not recently have such an awful day with the kids that I was so busy correcting, disciplining, explaining, conversing, (and of course not yelling) with them that I was in tears when Knut got home because they were so awful that day I actually had no time to make supper and we had nothing to eat in the house. He didn’t then, tell me to run into town to pick up some Pizza Hut while he and the kids made me some brownies. I mean I always keep my cool with the kids, and provide for them fun and cognitively developing activities for them, and don’t just yell “Go play and leave me alone so I can make supper” over and over again.

I’ve also not told my children multiple times lately “you can find something fun to do, or I’ll find something for you.” (which means they’ll get some chores.)

I have not been falling behind on my laundry…again…and I haven’t worn the same pair of socks more than once because they’re the cleanest ones I have. I also put Elias in the fantastically cute clothes he has every day, and never ever leave him in his pajamas all day long because we’re not going anywhere that day.

I do not use the ratty old diapers that used to be David’s and should have been thrown away long ago on Elias when his nice diapers are washing. They should be burned, and they are so thin I can put my fingers through some holes, but when I’m in a pinch, they work. I don’t sell fabulously cute diapers, and then put my old child in diapers that aren’t fit for rags when I’m behind on washing diapers. I will throw them away this week and make Elias 2-3 more decent diapers to replace them. (shhh…probably not.)

Happy Monday!

Post 298

We’re almost there. Do you see? Almost at post #300. The magic giveaway post. Since our last post there’s been a few happenings to share:

My brother is visiting from California. He’s awesome with the kids (having Dora the Explorer games on his iPhone doesn’t hurt), and he makes me laugh all day long. He’ll be here through Monday, and I’m not sure what we’ll do. We’re kinda a boring family.

I’ve been asked to do a presentation by our local mall at their “Ladies Night Out” event near the end of April. They want me to do a presentation on cloth diapers, explaining all the different kinds, etc. I feel honored that they’ve asked, and I’m pretty excited. They are giving me a booth in exchange for this, and if I do happen to sell stuff, the May 1st stocking of Nerdy Gerdy might be pretty tiny! I guess they found out about me through the sweet ladies at the local yarn store where I get most of my wool. The ladies there are so sweet, and asked me for a stack of my business cards that they could make available to their customers.

Knut finally agreed to let me go to my first ever crafting retreat in 2 weeks at my absolute favorite camp. He has a tough time committing to watching the kids this time of year, but he thinks it will work, and if not, he’ll grab some help. I’m turning in my registration tomorrow before he changes his mind.

I can’t decide if I should bring Silje’s grandmother flower garden quilt to work on (this one is all by hand), or if I should bring a red and white quilt that I’ve been putting blocks together for here and there when I need a break from a difficult or tedious project. (That one is done all by machine. I’m making after this pattern.) Or I could bring “work” for Nerdy Gerdy that definitely could get done, and I’m trying to stockpile for the upcoming crazy summer months where sewing time might be scarce. Knut says I should bring all 3…and some knitting too. (Does he know me or what!) I just need to find a ride, as Knut will need the van for the weekend. I’m sure I’ll find someone to pool with! I’m so stinkin’ excited about this too!

A whole weekend of uninterrupted sewing time and someone preparing and cleaning up my meals too! I can only imagine what I can get done! I’m giddy just thinking about it!

The April 1st stocking is nearly ready. The wool is complete. The bags have one little addition left, and the new bamboo fitted diapers…well they’re giving me problems. We’ll see what happens with those!

I was going to give you a giveaway peek of the fabric used on the prize (which I think would make you all gasp in wonder) but alas, my camera is missing at the moment. I’m sure when Knut get’s home, he’ll know right where it is (I hope!) and you’ll soon get some previews to drool over.

Always Something To Do

It seems there’s always something to do these days, but I feel less and less like I’m falling behind, and more and more like I’m catching up. Still, the pace remains the same. I haven’t been getting to bed as early as I should, but whenever I try, I start thinking about some people going through so much in our church right now. We go to such a tiny little church, by most people’s standards, and it seems like there are fewer and fewer people to hold up in prayer the people who are dealing with some serious issues. One woman, younger than me, still in her first year of marriage, just had a cancerous brain tumor removed this week. Another woman is trying to figure out her medication for MS, and seems to be getting similar treatment to that of a lab rat. Some are battling with severe, severe depression, and still others are mourning the death of close family, and then of course the celebration of countless new babies in the church. For such a small church, we are definitely growing in one age bracket: newborns! Not to mention, my brother and sister in law are never far from my thoughts as they are adjusting to life with 2 little boys. Neither is my sister as she’s not to far away from delivering her 2 little girls.

So at night, when everyone in the house is in bed, I feel like it’s my only time to really pray. Everything is so quiet, and peaceful. Lena falls asleep on my toes, and life gets a little clearer. It’s so easy to fall into worry, and praying is a way to get rid of all of that cluttering worry. God has such a way of calming us down, if we only bring to him our problems.

This week is only half done, and I still have so much left to do, I wish it would slow down. My brother is coming to visit us from California this weekend, which is a treat. (He’s really coming for a wedding, but it just so happens he gets to visit us too!) So when he’s at his friend’s wedding, I need to use every moment to tie up all the loose ends for all the new things going on Nerdy Gerdy on first. I’m trying to have everything done and ready for a photo shoot on Monday, so I have time to get all the website things done before the first.

Unfortunately, Knut has talked me into watching t.v. with him after the kids have gone to bed, and I did not get to sew a few nights that I was planning, so my whole wish list of things I wanted done might not get done. Something on my wish list will have to be postponed, and unfortunately, it might end up being replacing the diapers that sold this last month. There are only 5 single diapers to do, and would not take me long to do. However, I think the rest of the month will be dedicated to finishing all the projects that were started. All the buttercup bags need the last step completed, and I need to finish the snap in soakers for the bamboo diapers, but that’s about it. One of my knitting projects is just so close to completion, that I may try to push that through too.

So it looks as though I may be short a few pockets and AIOs for April, and I’m thinking about just putting 5 diapers in the store a week late. I probably will. I have a custom order going out soon, too, and that will be good to get done.

I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up this pace this summer, as I’ll have gardening and canning/freezing added to my plate. That’s kind of why I’ve tried to stuff the store a little extra this month. I was hoping to get some lead time with that. I keep reminding myself, though, that I have 3 sets of hands to work with in the garden this year (Mine, Silje’s and David’s) and I need to make good use of that.

This is all getting so rambley, but I think that’s what I needed right now. I’d love to share more, too, about some adjustments in parenting practices lately that have really helped David, especially. I’ll have to save that for another post, though.


I love chatting with all of you. Whether it’s on the phone, or chatting on facebook, or just reading your comments, I just love hearing about what you say about something I wrote, or something I made. I really makes my day.

From some chats, I’ve heard some people say they are thinking of cloth diapers, but they’re not sure what kind to get. So in the mode of a cheesy magazine quiz, here is a “diaper quiz” for you. I’ve never made a quiz before, so it’s pretty darn simple. Let me know (even if you don’t have babes in dipes) what kind of diaper mom you are! I’d love to see even some of you grandmas out there, say which one they would use if they had to do it all over again with today’s options.

Diaper Quiz

1)When it comes to having to waste vs. having something easy and simple…

a) I’d pick easy every day. Hey, it’s tough enough being a mom.

b)As long as it’s not too hard, and saves me money, I’m game.

c) I want to do everything I can for the environment and my pocketbook. If it means more of my time and energy, than that’s what it means.

2)When it comes to touching wet diapers…

a) my hands should not get wet. Period. Ew.

b)I don’t like it, but as a mom I’ve gotten used to having some sort of fluid on me all the time, and I’ve just learned to wash my hands a lot and call it good.

c)It’s just a fact of life, and it doesn’t bother me.

3)When it comes to natural materials…

a)I wear polyester, so I have no problem with my child wearing it.

b)Whether man made or natural, what matters is it lasts and gets the job done!

c)I choose natural, organic, sustainable products whenever they are an option.

4)When it comes to money…

a)I’d like to save money. I may not pick the cheapest route, but as long as I’m spending less than using disposibles, I’m happy.

b)I love a bargin, and will look at all the small print, and see the hidden costs like a bigger energy bill, and accessories. It has to work for my family, but those things are very important to me.

c)Simple often equals cheap. I love the simple life, and think we are often too pampered. If it was good enough for the pioneers, it’s good enough for me.

5) When it comes to time…

a)I would would choose to have short diaper changes and longer washing/drying time. I don’t need more folding. Seriously, I have enough to do!

b)I would rather have short diaper changes, short washing/drying time, and a little folding. I can do that while I watch t.v.

c)I don’t mind the length of diaper changes at all, or folding, as long as it’s cheap, both diaper wise and energy wise. I have the time. That’s what I’m here for.

If you chose mostly “A”

You’re an AIO/AI2 mom. You need simple and easy. Your hands are full and you don’t need one more thing on your plate to do. To you, time is money, and you do not have any more time…or money. You’re hesitant with cloth diapers, but you really want to give it a go. You know yourself, and if it’s not easy, you won’t do it. You’ll find that an extra load of laundry is the only change you’ll have to make. You’re probably loving the colors available and are already coordinating in your head how they will match with different outfits.

If you chose mostly “B”

You’re a fitted/cover (wool or PUL) or pocket mom…or both! You understand that sometimes you just have to get stuff done. Your purse is full of random stuff that your kid needs, and you love to be prepared for anything! You don’t like a lot of work, but you are determined to squeeze every nickel out of a dollar, and if that means you might have to touch the wet part of a diaper, or you have to stuff pockets, than that’s what you’ll do. In fact, you have compared diapers everywhere, and have figured the cost of each including shipping because every penny is important to you. You don’t like fuss, you don’t like leaks, and you don’t like waste. You like having lots of options because as a mom, you need to be flexible.

If you chose mostly “C”

You’re a prefolds/cover (wool or PUL) mom. You love sitting and watching your kids play as you fold prefolds or flats into nice simple piles like a Martha Stewart magazine picture. There’s something calming about it. Whether using Snappis or pins, you love organic, and simple diapering…the way it’s been done for generations. You love things that are vintage and natural. You love cooking from scratch, and have an organic garden and compost pile. You don’t mind folding or pinning or any of that, because that’s just your job and it doesn’t bother you.