Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I only have time for one confession, but I did not keep one of the kids’ Christmas presents hidden in my sewing room. If I did, I would not have removed it from the hiding spot while sewing, and set in in the den, with intentions of putting it away before the kids got up. If I did, I would not have left it out until morning, put it away, but too late because David came up to me saying “I got a new car toy!” and I didn’t say “show me.”

If that happened, and he couldn’t find the toy (that I finally put away) and started to panic, I would not have made up some heathen story about a little elf that I had seen wondering into our house and came and took the toy back until Christmas. I did not go into detail as to the size of elf, his hair color, and the clothes that he was wearing to David, which left him angry towards all elves since. He gives dirty looks to even a picture of one. He is not convinced now that all elves are out to get his toys.

Nope. That would not happen at our house!


As I was trying to figure out what was for lunch on Saturday, I was looking over Ramen noodles. (Why do I have it anyway…I don’t know.) I’ve never served it to the kids, but I remember that growing up, we always ate Ramen with chopsticks. To this day, I can’t eat them without chopsticks.

I then realized, I haven’t taught my kids how to eat with chopsticks.

You see, since my mom was born and raised as a missionary kid in Japan, we were exposed to chopsticks growing up. She didn’t teach us Japanese, though. Knut’s dad speaks fairly fluently Norwegian, and didn’t teach Knut either. I guess we both have a bilingual parent who did not pass down their bilingual-ness.

I can’t remember if it was last year or the year before, but when my parents were in town, we went to a “Japanese party” at one of my mom’s childhood friend’s house. It was a flash back to some family get-togethers of my childhood with a full buffet of Japanese food, not a fork in sight, and people telling the punchline to jokes in Japanese. Although Knut knew some people at the party, I didn’t realize that he had never eaten with chopsticks before. When he asked for a fork, the host (who is a professor in missions at a seminary near us) denied him. Knut wasn’t sure what to do. All that yummy food, and having no idea how to eat it.

He put up a good effort, with some chuckles suppressed around the table. When the dessert was served, and it was some sort of custard, Knut looked at his host and said, “Now can we get silverware?” Our host denied him again, and Knut’s response was “Come on!” Never had I seen him take so much time eating.

Back to our Ramen noodles, though. To get the kids excited about them, I brought out the chopsticks, and told them it’s time they learned how to use them.

I don’t think I was that great of a teacher, though.

In fact, the kids were pretty proud that they invented a new way to use chopsticks. I was trying to explain to them that Japanese custom of lifting the bowl to your mouth, instead of leaning over to eat. They couldn’t do that with a chopstick in each hand. So we’ll leave that to the next lesson, I guess. Or maybe I’ll just let my mom teach them the right way when we go down for a visit this winter.

Maybe she could give Knut some more pointers too.

Stash Game Craziness

I love playing stash games. It’s where my online friends and I having a sewing/knitting/crocheting/spinning contest to see who can get the most “stash” used up in a month. You usually get minus points for buying fabric/yarn/roving, and you get points for yardage, skeins, etc. You also get points for hours spent knitting/crocheting/handwork. Extra points are given to diaper related items. (Since it is a diaper sewing board, after all.)

It has long been my goal to make it to the top 3 of one of these contests, and I may make it this month. (I’m always 5th, no matter how I try!). There is not prize except for first place this time, but I don’t think I can catch the person in 1st place.

But I have been busy.

<span class=

I mean, I’m making diapers for twins here. I have one color left, the periwinkle with burnt orange snaps. There are a few days left of the month. O, and I want to make the “prize” for my blog giveaway next week, and maybe work on the kids’ Christmas p.j.s . There’s 2 days left in the month, right? PLENTY of time. (insert eye roll here.)

Miracles of miracles, I am in 2nd place in the game, as of last night. I passed the person who was in second. (Who ironically used to work as a t.a. for one of my uncle’s who is an entomology professor.) I have 475 points and she has 424. The person who is in first has 630 points. I get about 12 points a diaper, so yeah. That most likely will not happen. I am almost done with one of my nieces/nephews’ baby blankets, and that will be big points (like 20-30) but I still have maybe 5 hours of knitting left. Just something else to squeeze in!

Please. Please. Don’t come to my house right now. You have no idea how messy it is. There is laundry to be folded, and the kitchen floor needs to be mopped so badly! I’ve managed to stay on top of the dishes most of the time…but the dust is starting to stack up.

Just 2 more days, and the big cleanse can start. Until then, only visitors holding supper in their hands, offering to take my children and leave a maid are welcome. 😉

Did You Know?

that a front loader washing machine is great entertainment for a 4 year old? This kept David busy for awhile this morning as I was working on the twin diapers some more. I should tell you, though, that he was quite distraught that his underwear was wet. When you’re 4, it’s very important to you that your underwear stays dry. The fact that I put it in there for the purpose of getting wet was beyond him.