Just What’s Goin’ On

Look at this big boy eating his grilled cheese sandwich.

Laughing at that silly camera.

We’ve been experimenting today with some furniture arranging. Up until now, we’ve spent little time in our living room, and it has mostly been a storage place while we were working out other storage plans. Lately, we find ourselves hanging out in the floor in here quite often. There’s not really toys in this room anymore, and no t.v. or other distractions. It’s just a warm, peaceful place.

Our plan is to save up for furniture for this room, and we should have enough saved up by next winter. Until then, I was talking with Knut today about moving up the furniture from the basement. It’s so old and in pretty poor condition now, so I was a little afraid that if we moved it up it would be a permanent fixture. Knut had been thinking the same thing, and suggested we just move up the sofa, and leave the love seat down in the basement by the t.v. So he and I moved it up. Good thing I’ve been working out my arms with a really heavy baby! A sofa is no big deal after him!

This was the layout I had going on in my head. I think I’ll be tweaking it for the next few weeks, and adding some pictures to the wall, since new furniture that we’d get would pretty much be in the same layout. Unless I completely change my mind, which wouldn’t be unheard of!

We’ve lived here for over a year now, and it’s probably time to start going through all these pictures for the walls! After the living room is finished with furniture and a completed fireplace, it will be onto the dining room…

Things just have to get done

As I’ve said previously, Elias has been very busy lately. We’ve never childproofed our house much. I remember when Silje was a little crawling baby, and I actually sat, pregnant with David, by the stairs in our old townhouse and repetitively taught her the word “no.” Some things were put out of danger, but we were determined to house proof our child, not childproof our house.

Ahh, the wisdom one has when they have one child.

Now I have 3 children, and I’m out of ideas. This house has such an overwhelming multitude of things to get into, and I’ve tried to teach Elias, and he does listen about 80% of the time which is good, but that 20% could really hurt him.

Such a sweet baby.

So now that I have 3 and a dog, I’m constantly pulled in all sorts of directions, and can’t keep up with Elias every moment of every day as I was when Silje was this age. Then yesterday, when I was trying to put things away, and started moving the pack n play back upstairs, I thought, “this is not just a portable crib.” There is play in the name, isn’t there?

So Elias spent some time yesterday, with me in the kitchen.

‘Cause I have work to do, and I’m sick of staring at these dishes.

At first he looked at me with terror like “I have to take a nap in the kitchen? I’m not even tired!” But then I plopped in some toys, and then he really got happy when I blasted some fun kids music. It was a party now! David thought it was so cool, and they spent a lot of the time touching each other’s hands through the mesh.

Now, if only it was a novelty today. Time for a fresh batch of toys in there, I guess.

Skippin’ Over Fall

Well, the fence around the roses is put up. Winter must be around the corner.

The roses have been cut down, and soon they will be covered with dried leaves to protect them from the harsh cold.

Although, it feels like we skipped over fall. The leaves never changed at our house, which feels like a complete shame. We got that one really cold spell, and the leaves just died without beauty. Then the wind came, and blew all the dull brown leaves to the ground. No oranges, reds, or yellows this year. Just blah beige.

At other times, it feels like fall hasn’t even started. They are doing bouts of combining, like today. Germination tests on the soy beans are currently being done at some seed lab to see if the soy beans dried in our drier are any good. We’re crossing our fingers, and bringing it in and drying it at very low temperatures very slowly…just in case.

And the corn is just sitting across the road, not appearing to be in any hurry at all.

Meanwhile, inside, I have all the pink diapers cut out and snapped. Now I just have to sew them up. I plan on working on them tonight and tomorrow night, and finish up the pinks. Then I’ll just have 4 more colors to go.

Maybe I’ll blog more later today…but there’s chores to do, and I have time to do them!