Always Lots to Do

I had a huge picking of tomatoes again yesterday. I’m out of oregano, so after a trip to the store this morning, I’ll start making another batch of spaghetti sauce. This number might help me make another double batch, in fact! I left so many beautiful orange tomatoes on the vine, so I’m sure tomorrow I’ll get at least this many as well. No rest this week, I guess! I’m up to 12 jars of spaghetti sauce put away. I get 3 jars out of a batch. (or 6 out of a double batch). I’ve never seen so many tomatoes!

Last year we got 4 pumpkins out of our pumpkin patch. This year, I have counted 18! Wow! I’ll have enough for decoration, jack-o-lanterns, and pumpkin butter–a new recipe to try out this year. They look like they’re getting ready! They’re so huge this year! My squash died last year, and this year it was looking good. But the last time I was out there, it almost looked like a heard of dear had been laying all over it. Seriously, it looked trampled. So hopefully all will be well there.

And let’s not forget, I haven’t even dented the baking apples yet. I’ve made a ton of apple sauce, apple butter, and 1 each of apple pie and apple crisp. I’m sure my family wouldn’t mind another pie! I’m thinking that my next project here will be to make up a bunch of apple pie fillings to freeze. That way when I want any apple pie this winter, I just have to make up a crust and dump it in. We hardly had any baking apples last year. Seriously, I’m not sure if we even got 12. This year, one tree is going nuts, and the other is so-so. I’ve heard they’re the best after the first frost, and that may not be that far away.

We have 2 eating apple trees, which went nuts last year, and they’re not so hot this year. They look like they’re dying. I hope not! They started flowering this spring very brightly, and then a late frost came and froze off all the beautiful blooms. It tried to start up again, but just didn’t have the strength.

This one has a few eating apples on one branch. They’re not quite ready yet. I’m hoping that this next spring we’ll see these ones take off again, and that they are not, in fact dying.

But this guy is ready to take off now!

We spike his hair, because we can…and it’s funny.

I saw him take 4 steps cruising around the coffee table yesterday. O Wow! I’m not ready! I’m not ready!

And as for this guy, he’s still being a good guy and listening to the doctor. He has to keep his leg raised with a warm compress all the time. It has been looking mildly better, which hasn’t been encouraging. But this morning, over half of it drained out, so Knut was excited. He’s been so stiff sitting all day long, and he can’t sleep very easily at night. Probably because he has been taking at least 2 naps a day in this chair. I have to admit, though, it’s been nice having him home.

But for the rest of the week, it’s not fireplace or farm for him. It’s this:

Poor guy indeed! Really, though, he’s been such a help, I can’t remember the last time my house looked so good. He reads to the kids so much, and feeds Elias his morning bottle. (The rest of the feedings he nurses, and well, Knut can’t help much there.) The kids love playing on the floor next to him and they talk to him so much. I can get so much done with that diversion. For that, I am thankful. But for Knut, I know he’s dying to get up and move! That man was not designed to sit!

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