Garage Sale Find

I was running errands in town this morning, and after stopping by to see the hearth Knut wanted me to look at, I stopped by a garage sale at a house right next to the store. It seemed to have quite a bit of furniture, and I’ve been on the lookout for another dresser for the boys’ room. I didn’t find a dresser, but I did find this:

Isn’t she pretty? Her case will look so pretty in the living room, and she is one strong, heavy, hard working lady. When I was at the sale, there was another, older lady who was looking at it with me. She said she had the identical machine, but in white, that she bought new in the 50s. She was just so excited to see her machine’s sister. She said that every time she takes it in for a tune up, the repair guy begs her never to get rid of it. They just don’t make them like this anymore. She was giddy as she showed me how everything on this machine worked, and was astonished at how good of condition it was in. I love old sewing machines, so I was asking her all about it.

She decided to get it for her granddaughter. I was disappointed but then figured it wasn’t meant to be. But then her husband told her she should call her granddaughter and find out if she wanted it. So while she called, I walked around pretending to be interested in other things there. The lady called her granddaughter who said she had no interest in sewing. The lady was determined, but her husband said, no…you don’t need another machine.

But my husband wasn’t there, so I took it home…for $15.

It has the original manual, and I’ve already plugged her in to see how she drives. Not to bad for a test drive!

all the original parts, including feet, bobbins, and accessories that I don’t even know the purpose of yet.

Like can you guess what kind of foot this is? I’ve never seen one so large and strange looking! I looked it up and it’s a ruffler foot. (Also known as a gathering foot, I think.) I just about fell over, because I’ve been looking online to see if they made a ruffler foot for my Sassy Pfaffy, and her model doesn’t have a ruffler. I guess this new, ahem, old girl does!

And for a look under the hood, she doesn’t have a foot petal, but runs when you push your knee against this lever. I’ve never seen a machine like that. How odd!

Now for a name…

And for those who remember, I’ve cleaned up this machine that Knut brought home for free one day. I don’t have any good pictures of her yet. She’ll be retired, as I think her sewing days are over, but she’s still so pretty. I’m deciding where she’ll be on display, and when she has her final spot, I’ll post a picture. As Gwen’s suggestion, she’ll be named Selma, after her first owner.

Knut was very impressed with my find, and said he couldn’t believe I got something in so great of condition for only $15. He did add, that I shouldn’t get anymore sewing machines. (I’m sure he meant no more sewing machines “for awhile.”) One of these days I’d love to get an embroidery machine. I doubt I’ll find a nice one of those for $15 at a garage sale, though! I’m hoping to start giving Silje some sewing lessons, and I think it might be nice to have an extra machine around!


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    You did WELL!! What a buy! And I was just going to say… that’s a “gathering foot!!” but you found that out. You, of all people, will actually learn how to use it!

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    It looks just like my machine I got from my mom…. she got a newer one from my Grandma and now I’ve inherited this one. I’m still trying to figure out how to use it, but I”m not much of a sewer. My mom keeps trying to teach me, but I end up frustrated. She loved it and says she sometimes misses some of the features of this one. In my case it makes a nice side table in my basement bedroom. :)

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