Back to School Shopping

It’s been a whole week since my last entry, and I don’t think I’ll do a “Not Me Monday” today. Life has been fully in “catch up” mode. I feel as though I finally have the house in order enough for my weekly chore list to actually help. It got to the point where cleaning the bedrooms was not a one day job! Plus, early last week I had a streak of migraines for a few days that made me useless. Yes, I occasionally get migraines, but I think the “stress” of all of our activity from this summer finally started effecting me. I feel better now.

This last weekend, Knut was home and was able to do several odd jobs that have been on his list, and I must say it motivated me to get so much done too. He put up my bulliton board in my sewing room, and moved my secretary desk to where I wanted it in the living room, etc. etc. And he ordered our new woodburning fireplace! You can be sure you’ll be seeing some pictures of that project that Knut hopes to get done before winter. (I trust my husband, but why do I envision that part of our house tarped off if it doesn’t get done before the snow flies!)

I was then motivated to rearrange Silje’s room, since she now has a cute headboard that I picked up off of Craigslist for $15. She was so tickled by how I rearranged her room that she’s been playing in there almost all the time. If I had known it would have meant so much to her, I would have done it awhile ago! I made a special “reading nook” in the corner, which only a bookworm like her (and me) could appreciate. I’ll have to post some pictures later, when the room is actually clean.

Yesterday, after church, Silje and I finally went back to school shopping. I don’t know if you could call it “back to school” if she hasn’t been there in the first place. So we got everything on the school shopping list plus a new lunchbox. I must admit that I was so emotional about the whole thing that I gave into Silje much more than I normally do. I let her pick out the $8 Disney Princess lunchbox instead of the $4 plain pink one. That is DEFINITELY not normal for me. Then I let her pick out a candy bar at the check out. She looked at me like “who are you and where is my mom?” No. Not really. She was just giddy.

Then we went to 3 different stores to look for her first school outfit. Most of her clothes I either make, or buy on the 75% off clearance rack the season before. I could count the number of clothing purchases that did not fit those 2 categories on one hand…for all 3 of my kids put together. (Am I cheap or what?) But Silje got to try on clothes in the fitting rooms, which was a first for her. I think she really learned a lot from it. Some things she begged me for while we were looking at the rack, but when she tried it on, she didn’t like how the neck fit, or it sat too low on her waist.

I really learned that Silje and I have a very different view of what looks “cool.” The first signs of a big generation gap. She really wanted a knit dress with lime green, neon orange and bright pink hearts on it. It was hideous. I more pictured a little pink and black plaid skirt and a fitted shirt. She rolled her eyes at the ugliness of that. In the end, I think we found an outfit that we were both excited about. I even bought her a new pair of jeans that she really needs…full price. Wow, I must be emotional over this! I really liked the shirt we picked out too, because it was very cute, modest (I hate to admit, but you wouldn’t believe the immodest clothing there is for a 5 year old out there!) and it’s something I have no desire to make. So many times I see something cute on the rack and say to myself “I could make that!” which makes it even more painful to lay money down for. But the shirt she’ll wear would be way too much work to make, and too many pieces, and I have no desire to replicate it, which is fun for me.

I did find a plain pink t-shirt on the clearance rack at Herbergers for only $2 and picked it up so I can sew on a cute applique in the front as a surprise for her. We’ve been drooling over my new applique book together, and there were so many things in there she loved. First, I need to get her name on the towel that she needs to bring to kindergarten. When thinking how I would put her name on it, my mom suggested a Sharpie like what most normal people would do, but you know me…that would never do. Silje looked through my fabric stash and picked some fabric for me to applique her name onto the towel with. I think I’ve heard they use these times for naps during the school day.

So the rest of the week for me includes keeping up with the housework and garden (if I could just do 1 week!) and then David has his preschool screening exam, and Silje needs a booster shot, and Elias needs his 9 month exam (no shots for this one!).

Sorry no pictures in this post! The back to school outfit should really be shown on her first day of school, and the rest…well, I’m just catching up…still.


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    School shopping. It’s happy and sad at the same time, isn’t it? I’m just grateful it’s Alex this year, so I don’t have to go through much of the clothes thing. Hlaf the time he’d prefer to run around in his boxer-briefs, if I let him. :)

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