Saying goodbye to the sewing machine, but not for long :(

Well, my machine is acting a little funny lately. (I do, of course, mean my sewing machine. About my favorite machine in the house. Her name is “Sassy Pfaffy” for those who don’t know, which is pretty much everyone.) Just needs to be tweeked more often than normal. I was working on some curtains, and it kept bunching up the stitches. So I brought out some scrap fabric of the same weight and tested every tension number on Sassy, and couldn’t fix the problem. I rethreaded, rewound the bobbin, and couldn’t fix it. Since the fabric I was working with was very heavy, I thought I’d switch to a different project, another dress for Silje. It worked fine in the straight stitch, but when I tried the zigzag stitch, it was like watching someone die on a heart monitor. Zig zag zig…straight…zag…straight straight straight…zig, and then just a straight line.

So I’ve seen it coming for well over a month, but have been in denial, but I believe it’s time for Sassy to spend some time at the “sewing machine spa” down on Lincoln Ave. Well, they don’t call it that, but that’s what I’m telling her. They’ll just give her a little tune up, and fix the problem, which I’m pretty sure is just an adjustment to the tension plates. (I know if I went to a spa I would need some tension plates adjusted too.) I don’t know how long they’ll keep her, but I hope not too long. Sewing is my therapy, and I’m as nervous as a chronic patient who knows his doctor is going on vacation.

But I have some other hand sewing projects that need to be done in the meantime, so hopefully I won’t miss her to much! Anyone want a hint as to Silje’s handmade birthday present? I’ve given her handmade things before, but it’s never been the “big gift” like it will be this year. Mind you, this is just part of it…a hint. The food is unstuffed and I haven’t clipped thread yet so it’s still messy.

And for those of you who like to read into things, here “might” be more of an idea for what “may” be in store. (There’s one more link but it’s password protected, and who knows if I’ll even get it done!) But shhhh! Silje doesn’t know, and since she’s not allowed on the computer she won’t know, right?

And here’s a quick morning project I did a few days ago. It was so nice outside I wanted to hang the clothes out to dry. Then I remembered I had run across a clothespin apron tutorial online awhile back that I had saved. So in the time it took my front loader to wash 2 loads of laundry, I whipped out this baby:

I got the tutorial from here.

O Sassy, how I’ll miss you!

Tuesday Ramblings

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days. Life got really busy there! All of that gorgeous weather kept Knut out and in the fields. But, just before the rain yesterday, they planted the last of the soy beans, and this gentle rain is perfect. So with planting season done, I might have Knut back in the evenings, which I’m looking forward to! We spent most of yesterday evening cleaning, laundry started to pile up, clean and folded in our bedroom. You know it’s bad when you don’t even stop by any of the dressers to look for clothes, but just go to the pile in the bedroom.

Yesterday was so productive, even before Knut got home. I got all the bedrooms cleaned and vacuumed all the bedrooms, changed the sheets, cleaned out the back hall closet (which meant I removed all the winter boots, took out all shoes not belonging down there or don’t fit the kids, took the magic eraser to all the scuff marks on the wall, washed the floor) did 6 more loads of laundry, cleaned off the piles of clutter on the kitchen counter and the back hallway, and took a quick nap. I’d say a good morning.

But the weekend! It was Knut and my 10 year reunion from our high school graduation. There weren’t many from out of state, but still, it was really neat to get together! It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years, but then again, not that hard because so much has happened since then. Some were married with oodels of children, other were married with no kids, and still others were single and working or going on mission trips. It was so much fun to catch up.

It’s funny that some of us have kept in touch through blogging. I know when I saw Ryan and Amy Garvin there, with their little girl, Paisley, I felt almost star struck, as I only knew their baby through her blog, and was excited to meet her in person. Most of us are facebook friends, and did much of the reunion stuff through facebook. It’s a new age, isn’t it? I’m still of the generation when I remember my first email account, back when I was about, hmmm….13? I know we had moved to AZ, so I was older than 11. I still have never texted.

I wonder what it will be like for our kids. When will we let them have their own phones, and when will we let them on the computer? (I know the PC commercials have a 4 year old sending an email, but we have still not our kids on the computer yet. Silje has done a few games in my lap, but that’s about the extent of it.) There are some things that we know our kids might have the ablity to do, but not yet the judgment to handle it. Just little things like teaching them the controls for the t.v. because they might think that since they CAN do it that SHOULD do it whenever they want.

I’m pretty sure that they’ll catch up in the computer world pretty quickly, and don’t think we’re holding them back at all. Plus, kids should be spending their time playing with actual toys and being outside, rather in front of another screen.

I suppose we’ll have to figure out computer rules when Silje starts school. My first gut feeling is no more and 30 minutes a day, or homework only to begin with. When she wants to go on the internet, I’m going to have to be over her shoulder for the first few months, and then after that, have all of her passwords. I think gradually, she’ll get more freedom, but for now, she’s not even 5. 5 year olds don’t get freedom. I don’t know. Hopefully by then we’ll have enough money for a laptop, so she can only be on the computer at the kitchen table when I’m doing dishes or cooking or something.

I know for most parenting things, I like to see what previous generations have done, but in this case, I think that most kids have taught their parents about the newest technology, leaving the parents at a terrible disadvantage. I sure hope Knut and I can stay ahead of technology that our kids are learning, so we can protect them from the exploitation of those technologies.

Wow, I just went from talking about cleaning, to reunions, to kids on the internet. You never know where a blog entry will take you, I guess!

Dirt is Dirty and Other Funny Quotes

First, before I tell the quotes I’ll post a 2 pictures of the kids’ chalk drawings today, because I’ve found I like posts with pictures. They were having a contest to see who could make the biggest picture. Silje drew a unicorn with a princess riding it. (We’ve made up a whole slough of stories together about Princess Silje and her magical horse that takes her anywhere.)

David got points for not leaving any blank spots in his picture. For awhile, he drew people, but he’s back now to just blobs of color. I remember when Silje was 2 1/2, I asked what her painting was, and she rolled her eyes and said, “Mom, it’s an ABSTRACT painting. It’s not supposed to be anything.” That’s our girl. Overarticulate and always explaining to her mommy the way things are. On the other hand, the last picture David drew for Knut, was of Knut and me, with a big blue blob inbetween us. He pointed out Mommy and Daddy, but when asked what was inbetween us, he simply responded, again with the eye roll “It’s blue.” That’s our boy. Straight and to the point, never overlooking the obvious.

Silje is now reading where ever she goes. She just can’t help herself. We were in a mall today munching on hot dogs from DQ after Elias’ portraits were taken. Silje looked behind me and read “Foot Locker.” Her eyes got huge and she said “Mommy! That place says ‘Foot Locker!’ I don’t want to go in there or they’ll lock up my foots!”

When playing at the dinosaur play land, David hit it off with another boy and they were running around. I overheard Silje approaching the little boy in the tunnel, as she was a little disturbed that David didn’t know his’ friend’s name, and saw no reason for an introduction. Here’s how it went:
“Excuse me, my name is Silje. You see that boy you’re playing with? That’s my brother. His name is David. What would your name be?” She is always careful that matters of ettiquette are never breached even in such casual encounters as the mall playground. I don’t know why I think that’s so cute!


This evening after brushing the kids’ teeth, and before they were in bed, I wiped down their arms and face with a warm washcloth, just like my mom used to do on nights when we didn’t take a bath. (I always remember how good that felt!) Anyway, David, asks ‘why?’ to about everything. I told him to come over so I could wipe him down with a washcloth. “Why?” He asked.

“Because you’re dirty!” said I.

“Why am I dirty?” said he.

“Because you played in the dirt today.” said I.

He paused a moment, and then, with the brightness of a huge revelation in his eyes he exclaimed: “Mommy! Dirt is really dirty! I never knew that!”


And also today, I said “Hi Elias!” And he said “eeeeeebbgghhhaaaaa[squeal]…[giggle]…[grin]…[look of adoration]”

And I laughed. Sorry, I just didn’t want him to feel left out for not having a quote.

6 month stats

Well, as promised, here the update from Elias’ doctor’s visit this morning. He is 19 lbs, 1oz. and 26″ tall. I was certain he would beat Silje’s record in our family, of being 20 lbs by 6 months, but alas, he is not quite as fat as she was. On the other hand, as my mom pointed out, he came a month early, so maybe we should weigh him in a month before we say who was the chubbiest of my babies!

He was a champ getting his vaccinations. He only cried for about 3 seconds. They also took a few drops of blood for an iron check, and he didn’t even cry at the technician taking it from him. He just smiled and cooed at her. What a flirt!

Despite being a preemie, he is meeting all of his milestones, without adjusting his birth date. We are so blessed to have such a healthy baby. Spending some time in the hospital this winter has really made us so grateful that all of our kids are so healthy! O, and he is in the 25% percentile for height, and 75% percentile for weight. (The Dr. joked that he’s 3 times as wide as he is tall!) That is a comparison against other full term 6 month olds, so that’s pretty good! Silje was always in the 90% for height until recently, but my boys have always fallen in somewhere between 15-25% for height. Go figure.

Praise God for good health!