Not Me Monday!

As a tribute to baby Stellan from the being discharged from the hospital today, I thought I’d participate in the “Not me!” tradition of that blog. Here it goes:

I did not have lengthy phone conversations with my mom, my sister, and my friend Sara this morning while I let my kids watch as much t.v. as they want. That would be selfish and irresponsible.

I did not give my kids jellybeans and chocolate chips for snack today, and when David spilled his “snack” all over the floor, I did not just tell him to eat them right off the floor. That would be gross.

I did not jump up to do some chores as I saw my husband’s truck pull in the garage for lunch. I wasn’t at all sick of the fact that he never seems to come home as I just sit down and therefore wonders what I do with all my time. Nope, not me!

I have not left my baby in his pajamas all day so I’ll have less clothes to wash later, and we’re not going to see anyone anyway. I would never do that! Of course I tried to distinguish Silje and David’s clean socks and did not just give up, and shove whatever socks in each of their dressers.

David did not go most of the morning before I realized he still had his nighttime diaper on, and when I realized that, of course I had him change right away.

It is not almost supper time and of course I know what we are having and I am not wasting my time on the blog. That would not be me.

Happy “Not Me!” Monday!


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