Adding to the family…

I know, like I need something else to do, right? May I introduce you to Lena Blackberry. (Lena as in Ole and Lena. Silje came up with the Blackberry part.) She’s 16 weeks old, and half black lab, half German Shepherd. She was part of her mother’s first and only litter. Her mother’s owners kept 2 of their favorite of the litter of 8, intending to make them their pets as well. But as life has it, they decided they weren’t a 3 dog home after about 2 months, and the 2 puppies had to go. The add in Craigslist was posted yesterday, and when we arrived last night, Lena’s sister had already been taken.

She was excited to meet us, but she cried (whined) the whole way home. I think she was really nervous. So far, we noticed she’s excited to meet people, but overall she’s an extremely calm dog. She loves being with us. She “cries” when she’s alone. I can already tell that she learns extremely quickly. Although I’m a little jealous, because I think she’s a little in love with Knut. Although he already complains about her, he loves the fact that the kids have to keep their toys picked up now. That, and you can see his eyes melt when he looks at her.

Well, if you live in chaos, what’s a little more, eh?

Elias Photo Shoot

Well, last night I was kept busy making 10 loaves of banana bread, to feed my freezer. MMMMMmmmmmm!

But now to the important stuff…

I just realized I haven’t posted pictures of my kids in almost 2 weeks! So first thing this morning, I pulled out the canon and started shooting.

I guess the older kids just weren’t that into it.

Not Me Monday!

As a tribute to baby Stellan from the being discharged from the hospital today, I thought I’d participate in the “Not me!” tradition of that blog. Here it goes:

I did not have lengthy phone conversations with my mom, my sister, and my friend Sara this morning while I let my kids watch as much t.v. as they want. That would be selfish and irresponsible.

I did not give my kids jellybeans and chocolate chips for snack today, and when David spilled his “snack” all over the floor, I did not just tell him to eat them right off the floor. That would be gross.

I did not jump up to do some chores as I saw my husband’s truck pull in the garage for lunch. I wasn’t at all sick of the fact that he never seems to come home as I just sit down and therefore wonders what I do with all my time. Nope, not me!

I have not left my baby in his pajamas all day so I’ll have less clothes to wash later, and we’re not going to see anyone anyway. I would never do that! Of course I tried to distinguish Silje and David’s clean socks and did not just give up, and shove whatever socks in each of their dressers.

David did not go most of the morning before I realized he still had his nighttime diaper on, and when I realized that, of course I had him change right away.

It is not almost supper time and of course I know what we are having and I am not wasting my time on the blog. That would not be me.

Happy “Not Me!” Monday!

Spring Continues!

Well, I won’t update you on every single closet in my house, because that’s just silly. But I have continued the spring cleaning and have finished David’s closet as well, and today I cleaned out my sewing room (that happens to have a washer and dryer in it. I just think having a sewing room is much cooler than having a laundry room.) It wasn’t on the spring cleaning list, but mostly because it needs to get cleaned out much more often than the spring. It’s been a good 3 months since the last time I reorganized, and in my sewing world, that’s a long time. Don’t mind the pile of things to the left of the sewing machine. I’m making some roman shades for my aunt, and the fabric has no where to go. I think that means it’s time to get them done and move them out.

I’ve also stored some of my leftover Mary Kay inventory in the cupboards, but as I have sold of or used so much in the last year, I got to clear out more cupboard space for more efficient storage for FABRIC! So, I’m opening up to the world, something that I’ve never really shown anyone before…my fabric stash.

I organized the stash to fit different categories. To the right is the flannel and some odds and ends fabric, like suede for the headboard Knut is planning on making me, and some canvas for a bag I intend to make. Flannel is useful for diaper making, or p.j.s for the kids, or baby blankets, and a bunch of other baby things. To the left is my growing stash of quilting fabric. I’m really getting drawn in to it, in a scary way. It started when I wanted to do a “grandmother’s flower garden” quilt for Silje, which has been progressing nicely. When it gets closer to done, I’ll post a pic. Now I have scraps from that and other projects, and have started scrap quilting. I am currently (when I feel like it) organizing my scraps for an “irish chain” quilt and a “hidden spools” quilt. An the top is my hodgepodge of things like pattern tracing fabric, netting, interfacing, courderoy, leftover dress fabrics that do not fit the “quilting” category.

This is my newly aquired cupboard and the top right is my diaper specialty fabric. I have some wool, some hemp terry, some microfiber, some PUL (for making those “plastic” covers) and some cotten terry. On the left is my knits (mostly from the $1 fabric bin at walmart…now the $1.50 bin.) And then the bottom is the “fun” knits. Some velour, some minky, etc. Mostly leftover from other projects, like Silje’s bathrobe and Elias’ polka dot baby blanket. O, and also my Kleenex and paper towel storage. Now isn’t this exciting?

So after those roman shades, what’s next on the project list? Well, I have a lot of things I should do, but today I’ve come up with my wish list of things I’d like to make. Maybe after every “have to” job I’ll make myself a little treat. Here’s my “treat” list:
–A fabric covered bulletin board
–A wrist pin cushion
–Recover my sewing chair
–Make fabric cases for my knitting needles and crochet hooks.
–An apron that will hold clothespins for when I hang laundry on the line this summer.

And since my little baby has spit up all over my lap as I was attempting to write all this and hold him at the same time…I must go.