So what’s new?

I don’t have any particular thing to write about, but it seems that I have a lot to write about at the same time. So I’ll just make a top 10 list of all the things that are new with us or just things that I’ve been thinking about.

1. Knut played with the Good Shepherd team for the HIT basketball tournament this last weekend. They won the championship for their division. Way to go!

2. Elias has slept through the night in his own crib in the boy’s room for 2 nights in a row now. Mommy is happy!

3. Knut is starting the south beach diet today. I’m so proud of him.

4. I wonder if I will ever be able to go to a quilt/scrap/stamp retreat at Inspiration Point. I need to have to be able to leave all 3 kids with someone. Right now, Elias cannot be left. When he is weaned, the next obstacle will be finding someone who wants to watch my 3 kids for the weekend. Sigh…

5. We’re supposed to get about a foot of snow tomorrow. I’m a little anxious for spring to finally be here. I’m eager to get my hands dirty in the dirt, and have the kids play outside all morning. But snow is so pretty too. I think if I was from here, I wouldn’t say that!

6. Not a moment has gone by in the last week that Knut and I haven’t thought about all of our friends in the Fargo/Moorhead area. You wouldn’t believe some of the stories we heard from several people at the HIT tournament. They are still in our prayers, as we know it’s not over yet.

7. I’ve started working out 2-3 times a week during naptime. I do the Wholly Fit workout which is a Christian alternative to yoga. I LOVE IT! It has been a big blessing to me these last few weeks.

8. Over the last 2 months I’ve started a new tradition in our house of having a friday “tea party.” I’ve invited someone over during naptime on friday, and take out my nice china, iron a tablecloth, and sit and have adult conversation for a few hours over a pot or two of tea. Picking my guests so far has been very random, except I had my friend Candis come over first so I could ask her a bunch of questions as to how to serve tea. Most weeks, I just invited someone who I ran into and I kick myself saying “I really need to get together with her sometime.” It’s been a lot of moms with older or grown children who don’t work outside the home so far. I just didn’t want the distraction of more kids, and other ladies work during the day. It’s been so nice.

9. David colored all over my couch this last weekend with crayon. What happened was his race cars needed rockets, and the crayons became rockets and raced all over the couch. I haven’t cleaned it up yet.

10.Silje’s about ready to give up naps, but I’m digging my heels in. Maybe this summer we’ll try no napping so she’ll be ready for kindergarten.

I have to add this video today as well. Don’t forget to scroll down and see my original post from today. David feels the need to pray before any food enters his mouth, whether a meal with the family, or just a little snack. He wanted some grape nuts for snack this morning, and he was so cute praying, that I thought I’d try to catch a video of it. Somehow I think he caught on. I had to stop the taping because I was laughing so hard, I was not expecting his response!

A bit of this…a bit of that

Well, we got a bit dusted last night. Typical March weather I guess: snow melting one day and back again the next. Still, it is quite pretty. I am getting anxious for spring to come, as I really want flowers around again.

The birds have been numerous this spring. I saw a robin on Friday…the first day of spring appropriately. Knut said he saw 3 of them behind the house yesterday. There has been one black and white bird that has shown up and attacks all the other birds whenever they try to come to our bird feeder, but he wasn’t around this morning. We’ve seen the same 2 birds all winter, and now that spring is here, I see new birds at the feeder every day (when they’re not pecked out by the new black and white one.) It’s a silly and small pleasure, but the kids and I really do enjoy watching the birds at the feeder throughout the day.

Silje has been wanting to learn how to sew, and I got her this plastic sheet to start practicing. I drew a bunch of shapes on it with a permanent marker, and she traces them with a running stitch of yarn. She’s pretty good, if I do say so myself. It’s been a good learning experience for her especially since she likes to get things right the first time, and gets really frustrated when she doesn’t. Every time she makes a mistake, I fix it and say “now what did we learn from this mistake?” And she takes a moment to think about it, and gives me, usually, a very good answer. I then say “It’s a good thing you’re making these mistakes, otherwise you would have not learned so much today.” She then gives me a big smile. I’m not encouraging her to make mistakes, but she’s so fearful of making mistakes, that she doesn’t always try things. I just want her to TRY! She has finished the circle, square, and heart and is currently working on the trapazoid. (Yes, my 4 year old knows what a trapezoid is…do you?)

And here’s Elias just saying hi. He’s moved into David’s room now. I was getting too much in the habit of bringing him to our bed to feed him if he woke up at night, and I’m trying to break him of that habit because I sleep terribly if he’s in bed with us. It’s been 3 nights now, and although the first night he woke up every 1 and 1/2 hours, he now only wakes up once. We put him down at 10pm, and he wakes up about 3, and then again at 6. He used to sleep all the way through the night, but he’s been waking up the last 2 weeks or so. Our doctor said that they need a boost of calories around 4 months, and he’s probably not getting quite enough from me. So I think the rice cereal has been helping…but this kid is growing fast! Knut laughed last night when I started feeding him the cereal, because Elias’ eyes lit up and he practically lunged toward the spoon, and his mouth was opening and shutting like a fish in desperation to get the food in his mouth faster. It’s only been his 4th time having the cereal. I guess he likes it!

Roomba Anyone?

I have thought several times how nice it would be to have one of those Roomba vacuums. To just set something down, and let it clean as I go about my business. But I’ve talked myself out of it. My floors wouldn’t be compatible with some of its limitations. For instance, it wouldn’t do my stairs, which get bad pretty quick. Would it really get the corners, and how would it handle the toys that are everywhere?

Well, yesterday, I found something better than a Roomba. May I present:

David with a dust buster.

I was cleaning the bedrooms, and he wanted to try his hand at vacuuming. So I let him vacuum his own room, and he did a fantastic job! (A little more wear and tear on my vacuum than I would have wanted, but his room looked great!) So I pulled out my old dust buster that I got at a garage sale or something years ago. David walks around looking for dirt or dead bugs (it’s an old house, and bugs come in at springtime). My floors and windowsills have never been so clean. Since the weather was nice enough, I opened up our 3 season porch so he could vacuum all the dead bugs out there, because we actually ran out of things to vacuum in the house. He vacuums until the battery is dead, and then we charge it. He asks to vacuum every 15 minutes until it is charged again. I can tell him: “eat all your vegetables, or no vacuuming before naptime” and he shovels those vegis in.

THIS IS AWESOME! and I hope it lasts!

I tried it on Silje, but she’s old enough to recognize a chore when she sees one! Of course…she still really loves to dust…(ha ha ha *evil laugh*)