My sister in law, Kristin, just posted on facebook a bunch of pictures from Christmas. So she gets all the credit for these. She got so many that I didn’t get, and she had so many good ones of Silje. Silje hasn’t been turning out well in my pictures lately, so I’m so glad that she got so many good ones! I thought I’d post some pictures too of my 2 nephews on here too (Rondi’s boys) as they are just too cute!

OK, funny story…David came out of his naptime in Jon and Kristin’s room looking like this. I wasn’t sure if he had tried to shave his head or what! It turns out he got into Kristin’s bag, and you’re looking at a head of foundation, shimmery eye shadow, conditioner…and whatever else he could get his hands on.

We found him holding Uncle Jon’s toothbrush. He was trying to “brush” out the mess we think.
I hope Jon didn’t mind!

I’m so tired…and I don’t know really what happened!

The tub after his immediate bath (after the photo shoot of course!)

We went bowling all together. It was the kid’s first time.

Silje bowling…

David bowling…

Knut and David (and Uncle Christ) at Kristin’s birthday party…

Knut and me at the bowling alley…

The babes just chillin’ at the bowling alley…

Jon and Kristin’s dog ‘Sota’ (after MinneSOTA) giving Elias some lovin’

My nephew K. Look at that face!

Silje and the boys, I and Elias…

David and his cuz, K. pretending they know how to play the XBox…

Silje holding her cousin,

Here’s Silje holding her brother Elias…

Here’s Grandpa holding pictures of his 2 new grandchildren, Elias and I.

What a great face of I!

Uncle Jon pulling double duty of Xbox and bonding with Elias.

Uncle Jon and nephew K. Don’t they look cute?

Going through these pics makes me miss you Kristin and Jon! I wish we could see you more!

2 month check up and new diapers!

Elias had his 2 month check up, finally today. He weighed in at 12 lbs and 22 inches long. He jumped from the 10th percentile to the 50th for weight (since his 2 week check up) but his height has stayed in the 10th percentile. We’ll see if he gets as tall as his dad, or doesn’t make it to 5 feet…like my Uncle Si. These are unadjusted numbers, meaning he’s being compared to other 2 month olds, although he should be only 1 month old…had he not come so early. He also got his first rounds of shots today. I’d say he’s handling them quite well, although he seems a little fussy tonight.

I finally finished his new set of diapers, which are one sized. That means they can be adjusted not only around his waist, but lengthwise as well. I got this pattern from one of the Divas on the Diaper sewing board. She owns a diaper pattern company called Little Comet Tails, and this is her “little one sized” diaper. I made them out of flannel, with fun patterns on the outside, and either light blue or brown on the inside; whatever matched the best. The soaker fabric on the inside is microfiber terry. It’s usually pretty expensive ($15/yard), but some Divas said that you can sometimes find really cheap microfiber terry on clearance in the automotive section of Walmart. A few months ago I checked and picked up a bunch that ended up being cheaper than the flannel! (only about $2/yd) This set of diapers should get him through toddlerhood…so you probably won’t have to put up with me posting diapers I’ve sewn for awhile!

He’s 2 months!

Happy Birthday to Elias! He’s 2 months old today! We were supposed to go to his doctor this morning for his well baby check, but since it was -31 degrees (ummm…and that’s not wind chill) when we woke up, we decided to reschedule for Monday. Sorry I don’t have any stats to report yet.

Since I can’t tell you what he weighs, I’ll tell you about his personality, as we know it so far. Elias is a very smiley baby. I don’t remember my other kids smiling so much at this age! The last few days, when he is awake, he spends more time smiling than not smiling. He’s very mellow, and doesn’t make too much of a fuss over anything. He likes being around other people, and very often just wants mommy or daddy to hold and talk to him. That’s his favorite thing. What a joy he is!

He has slept through the night a few times now. It’s consistent to about 4 times a week that he’ll sleep at least 6 hours at a time. That is SO early compared to my other kids, but I’m not one to complain! He falls asleep by himself so well too, which is also so different. I’ve learned the trick to put hot water in one of those rubbery hot water bottles and lay it in the cradle while I feed him one last time. Then I swaddle him up tight, put on his little sleeping hat, take out the heating bottle, and lay him in, and then put one more cozy blanket on top. Even if he’s wide awake, he’ll grunt in there for 5 minutes or so, but as long as he doesn’t see me and I don’t talk to him, he’ll just fall asleep…just like that. He’s probably spoiled by the heating pad, because if I lay him down in a cold cradle, he really lets me know how much he hates it! Really it’s not that bad, though. With the other two I would hover over the cradle, trying to hold the pacifier in, rocking it gently, singing, letting them hold my hand…etc. for over 30 minutes to get them to go to sleep. Elias doesn’t want any of that. In fact, if I do any of that, it usually gets him mad. He just wants his space and quiet in his warm bed, and he’s happy.

Trying to catch up!

Sorry, I’ve been so bad at blogging in the last 2 weeks! It seems that there’s always something to do. Grammy and Papa came from Phoenix for a week, just in time for a winter storm and subzero weather. They must really love us!

We got to celebrate Grammy’s birthday while they were here.

We had waffles one morning!

We tried to think of things to do with them that they don’t get to do in Phoenix, which wasn’t too hard, since they don’t have snow there! We picked out a Christmas tree…

brought it home…

Knut took them cross country skiing…

The kids had a tough time not opening presents once they got under that tree!

We celebrated Christmas with my parents before they left, and we opened presents from family in our household then as well.

I think the kids made out pretty good!

Since the weather cancelled church the sunday before, the Christmas program and Elias’ baptism fell on the same Sunday. David was to be a sheep, but he didn’t want to wear the hat. Daddy wore it around a bunch…to make it “cool” for David to wear too.

Pastor Mark even helped with the effort.

It worked! You may not be able to tell from this picture, but all 3 of my kids were in the program. David is there as the sheep, Silje is there next to him as the donkey, and Elias is baby Jesus, laying in the manger.

Silje sang her first church solo, “Away in the Manger” and stole the show!

Elias was baptized that same morning in the same baptismal gown that has been used for 4 generations.

Grammy and Papa left just before Christmas, and Jon and Kristin arrived one day early to surprise us! Then started the bizillion nights of Christmas, as it seemed we celebrated something Christmas for at least a week.

Here is the line up in the basement of the “kids table” at Knut’s grandparent’s house Christmas Eve. All of Knut’s cousins on his dad’s side were there. The last time all of them were together was Thanksgiving, right after David was born. Ironically, they all get together the holiday after I have a kid. People…I’m not going to have an infinite amount of children…we need to come up with a better plan! 😉

Here we’re all posing, but as you can see, David was done with pictures by that time, and turned his back to the camera
Here’s Knut’s Bestefar and Grandma posing with their 6 great-grandchildren. 3 are new this year. From left to right is Silje, Kaeden, Isaac (held by Great-grandma) Trygvie (in carseat), Elias (held by Oldefar [norwegian for Great-grandpa I’m told]) and David.

Christmas morning, after we had opened stockings at our own home, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa’s to open presents there.

Twins? No, just cousins born a week apart. I’m sure Isaac and Elias will be best buds.

P.S. mine is the one on the right.

We all had a blast having Jon and Kristin home for a whole week! They brought their dog Sota (named after Minnesota). We always have so much fun with them, and it’s always hard to say goodbye again.

The day after Christmas, we celebrated Christmas again, doing all of the normal Christmas Eve stuff, but at Richard and Linda’s.

The kids sang in front of the tree “Min boat er saa litten” (sorry my norwegian spelling isn’t that great) which was a song my grandparents taught me when I was their age.

And for those who got through that really, really long post…you get rewarded with my best pictures of Elias that I’ve gathered from this time…