More pictures and a story

I’ve got a couple more pictures to post since Daddy’s been home because of the rain. They sure can’t get enough of him.
This evening, Knut left to go watch Uncle Lars’ last regular season football game, and the kids and I ate supper together. Our conversations are so funny, and this time I thought I’d share what we talked about. Silje, the past few months, have had several questions about death. That has lead to talks about heaven, which lead to talks about Jesus taking us to heaven. Today at supper, she asked how Jesus was going to fly us to heaven. Does he have wings? I told her Jesus doesn’t need wings. He just tells the air to move him, and he moves. I then told her all the other things that obey Jesus. I asked her if she remembered the story about Jesus walking on the water. She knew the story much better than I thought she did, and told me how the wind and waves obeyed Jesus.
What surprised me even more was David knew the story too, and told it with such enthusiasm. He then asked me if he could walk on the water too. I wasn’t quite sure how to answer, because I didn’t want to stifle any faith, but I didn’t want him just walking out on any lake or pool either. I told him that by himself he couldn’t walk on water, he would sink. If he held onto Jesus’ hand, like Peter did, then he could walk on water. David then proclaimed that when he holds Jesus’ hand, and walks on the water, he doesn’t want to get back in the boat. He kept saying “I don’t want to get in the boat, Mommy. I don’t want to get out on the boat. I want to stay on the water, holding Jesus’ hand! I want to stay on the water with Jesus all the time!”

His statements really stuck out to me, as I remember the first thought that entered my mind when I first saw David was that he will do great things. I’ve always felt that was a promise from the Lord, especially for David, and especially for me. When he seems to play so rough and get bumps and bruises as boys do, I think…”he will make it; I’m sure he will survive childhood!” Now as he’s going through a really tough phase (we hope!) when he challenges us constantly, God keeps whispering in my ear that he put that passion and determination in David for great things. David’s desire to “stay on the water with Jesus all the time” makes me think that I’m watching God’s plan unfold just a little bit more.

There’s so many things I could post about what God’s doing with Silje too, but I don’t know if I’ll post it, since it’s so much tougher to explain. I’m just so blessed to see God working through the lives of my children, as I pray He always will.

Birthday Party pics

Happy Birthday David! Here’s his long awaited race car cake. This was my first cut out cake, and now I know next time to use a really dense cake, instead of this fluffy one. It was almost impossible to frost, as everytime I tried it started falling apart! Overall, I think it turned out OK. David sure liked it.

Here’s us singing “Happy Birthday” to him. I also put this one in for those who’ve been asking for a recent pregnant picture of me. It’s not the best, since I’m wearing a sweater, but maybe I’ll have Knut take a profile one to post soon.

He enjoyed having 4 of his great-grandparents at his party. He has 3 more in Arizona who I’m sure would have loved to have made it. Can you imagine being blessed with so many great-grandparents?

Here he is opening up his present from Grammy and Papa. He was very serious about opening his presents. We’ve been so spoiled with Silje who automatically reads every word on every card before even thinking about opening the rest of the gift. She remembers what everyone gives her even a year later. She’ll pull out a top from her “big box” (where clothes go that are too big for her) and say “I remember when ______ gave this to me for Christmas!” David on the other hand, isn’t so automatically polite. He had no interest in even looking at a card, which drove Silje crazy during the gift opening, and she kept putting them in his face. Secondly, whenever he opened up a clothing item, he would throw it out of the box/bag and look under it. Then he would look up in desperation and shout: “Where’s the toy!!!” More typical kid, I suppose, but we’ll have to work on our manners before Christmas, I think.

Here’s David with his pride and joy. He got the speed racer from Mommy and Daddy, and Lightening McQueen from Grandma and Grandpa. He hasn’t been seperated from either since he’s gotten them. We don’t let him sleep with them, but I’m sure he would, given the chance.

Here’s more of the party. Silje and David’s cousin Kaeden was there, as well as Grandma and Grandpa Ronnevik, Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Madsen, Oldefar (Norwegian for GG) and Great-Grandma Ronnevik (She thinks Oldemor sounds silly) Aunt Rondi, (Uncle Chris had to work) Uncle Lars, and Lars’ girlfriend Molly.

I’m not sure who has more fun with balloons at our parties, the great-grandparents or the kids. Keeping a balloon in the air is a favorite party game at our house, and they all seem to enjoy it!

It was a very fun day!

Happy Birthday David!

Well, David made it to his 3rd birthday, and he’s pretty excited. I’m surprised he has made it thus far without any major injuries or broken bones, and minimal black eyes. We’re not having his party until tomorrow after church, so I don’t have birthday pics to post quite yet. But my brother, Jeremy, has flown out for the occasion, and we’ve been having so much fun this weekend. He brought the kids a gingerbread house kit with a Halloween theme. Apparently, there wasn’t enough candy in the kit, so we went to Walmart to pick up a few more bags of candy. (Yes, he is a popular uncle around here…)

So as Jeremy and I started assembling the cookie house, he thought the royal icing was too thick, so added much more water than was called for. This made it so much easier to spread! Unfortunately, I think that may be why it fell apart a few minutes after we had finished putting it together, and starting to decorate.

Here is it falling apart.

And here is the final picture of the house. It was pretty good though, that we didn’t just sit around and stare at out beautiful creation for a few days or weeks until it got stale. We just got to dig in right away. Unfortunately, we didn’t start the project until after 5pm, so basically, when we were done at 6, the kids had no interest in supper. Poor planning, but eh, how often does Uncle Jeremy come around anyway? Who cares if we have whoppers for supper? (and not the Burger King kind!)

O, and when we were at Walmart, Jeremy picked up a remote controlled airplane, because he’s still a little boy inside. Whenever he comes to visit, it seems like he’s always buying a kite or a plane or something to fly in the air. Unfortunately, this plane crashed during the first part of its first flight. We were out of super glue, so he was attempting to fix it with Elmers. It has now dried overnight, and we’ll have to see if Jeremy’s repair job worked or not today.

Althought David likes crashing, he didn’t like the airplane’s flight to be cut so short.