Fall Routine

Well, I won’t have any pics for the blog today. My camera has some dead batteries, so until I go into town later this week, I guess I’m out of luck! I did want to update everyone on what’s been going on in our house. Knut’s been spending a good amount of time on our lawn mower which has decided to break down. I’m sure he and his dad will get it fixed soon, but until then, our lawn gets longer and longer… I’ve been busy sewing/knitting as always, but have had a little bit of a setback as the 3rd trimester has hit me hard, with a terrible cold. I’m not sure what came first, the not sleeping at night or the cold. At any rate, they’re feeding each other (the lack of sleep makes the cold worse, which makes me unable to sleep). I’ve been able to take a little cat nap every once in awhile, but when I do, I often wake up at 2:30 in the morning wide awake. I’ve had 2 good nights sleep this last week, thanks to my lovely husband who gets up with the kids and tries to let me sleep in as long as he can, and that has made a huge difference! My dr thinks it’s probably a pregnancy related cold, because no one else in my house is sick (thank goodness!) and the transition into the third trimester always stirs things up a bit. The tough part is not being able to take my favorite cold medicines during this time!

Our fall routine starts this next week, and I am so ready for it! On Tuesday, our morning at Bethel starts. I’m doing the ladies’ Bible study there, and this fall I signed up for the Beth Moore “John, the beloved disciple” study, which I’m very excited about. The kids will go to “tuesday school” during my study, which I haven’t told them about yet. I know they’ll be so excited they’ll ask me if they can go every 5 minutes until then! The church gives this lovely free service of tuesday school during the woman’s Bible study time, which in my estimation is as great as any preschool around! Kids from birth to homeschool school age can be dropped off during the study and they do SO MANY crafts, and singing time, and Bible story time, etc. I’m always astonished with how much they do with my kids…and my kids leave kicking and screaming, which is always a good sign that they were well taken care of! Even though we go to Good Shepherd now, not Bethel, I still like the Bible study there, and they seem fine having me.

Next Sunday, Knut and I will hopfully start hosting a Bible study for Good Shepherd at our house. We’ve invited any married couples, and are doing the “Love and Respect” video series that we did last fall in our other small group, and loved so much. So far only one couple has signed up, and one has shown interest…but I’m hoping as this week goes on we’ll get some more phone calls. I’m sure the people who show up are the people God wants there, so I don’t think I’ll worry about it.

Knut thinks the soy bean harvest will start next week sometime, which he’s looking forward to. We’ve been having these great 70 degree days this fall which have dried out the soy beans, which is apparently a good thing, so he’s been happy about that. I’m not sure if they’re new combine has come yet…so we’ll see how it all works out!

Well, I’ve gotten lots of phone calls lately asking how I’ve been feeling. The third trimester starts next week, and I fear the bliss of the second will be over. For those women out there who have been pregnant before, you know that point of the pregnancy where the baby moving isn’t cute anymore? It starts out where you’re just dying to feel that little one flutter around, and then it turns into thumps, and you’re so proud. Then there’s a foot stuck in your rib, and it’s kicking your bladder nonstop, and the kicking has turned into uncomfortable squirming. That’s what has started.

I just started going through my camera, and realized that I never posted our apple picking/pressing adventure. We picked our crab apple tree (the other apple trees still aren’t ripe yet, but crab apples make the best cider anyway! We all had a fun time picking them. It was getting dark by the time Knut and his dad got the press ready and cleaned, so the kids were out there only for a few minutes, because the bugs were out in full force. At any rate, it turned out delicious!