Lots of things to post!

Well, it’s sweet corn season, and here’s Knut and the kids husking some corn for supper after Knut picked it from the fields.

Help me Daddy?

After deciding that the sweet corn was ripe enough, it was time to do the once a year corn freezing. We invited Knut’s parent’s and brother, Lars, over so we could all do it together. Knut’s G&G Madsen happened over, and got put to work as well!

Here’s Silje trying to steal some of the raw corn. She’ll eat corn whether cooked or not! Linda is busy cutting the corn off the cob before baking.

Here’s only one of the laundry baskets full of cobs after husking, waiting in line to be cut.
I freeze cream corn, so I filled 4 9×13 pans full to the brim with raw corn, dumped a stick of butter and a pint of half and half on each pan, and baked for 1 hour. After cooled, I bagged it up and stuck it in the freezer. I’m hoping 4 pans will be enough this year, as we had lots of corn left over that we just gave away. I’m looking forward to digging into the stash this winter!

Lately, Silje has been reading to David, and he absolutely loves it. I got this picture, but it was so cute, I tried to get this video of it too!

From Sunday night to Tuesday morning, Knut and I got to drop the kids off at the grandparents and head out to the lake! It was so relaxing, and we had been looking forward to it for so long! This last year has been our busiest yet, and we haven’t been on a date since…well it’s been maybe 6 mos? We were too tired to do anything for our anniversary earlier this year, so this is kinda our belated anniversary date.
Knut wanted to go sailing on Monday, and I was chuckling the whole time because he’s never been by himself before, and I knew he didn’t really know what he was doing, but he said he could figure it out.

So the sail is up, I wonder what this rope does…

This looks good right here…

You sure you don’t want to come?

Off he goes. I know…I didn’t go with him. I stayed back and worked on my knitting uninterrupted. Plus, I was sure I was going to end up thrown into the lake, and wasn’t quite in the mood for that.

He made it back.

Since I took a few pictures of him on the lake, he snuck up and took a picture of me knitting a hat for our new baby. This might be one of the few tummy pictures I’ve posted in awhile!

I did go out with Knut when he went fishing. These pictures were taken when we came back at sunset. A big event happened out there on the lake. Knut caught his first Walleye! He normally just catches pike, but has had the goal of catching a Walleye for some time now, since he has never caught this type of fish before. Let me tell you, his face looked like Christmas morning! I didn’t have the camera with, which he is probably still upset with me for, since it was so small he had to throw it back. He’s been walking on clouds ever since.

The kids were worn out when we picked them up from Grandma and Grandpa’s, so we know they had a great time. After we got home, David picked up a book and started “reading” to himself, which I’ve never seen him do before, so I caught a video of that too. See if you can guess what story he is reading.

Fun stuff goin’ on!

Well, we’ve been keeping busy still. Tonight the boys got a hair cut. Knut cut David’s hair, and then Knut got a haircut after the kids were in bed. David loves having Daddy cut his hair. He won’t sit still for me. There’s something about Daddy’s strong hands that just makes him stay put. I didn’t catch the huge smile on his face from when we started. He started melting down near the end though, as the cut hairs were starting to itch him.

My mom requested pictures of the diapers I’m working on. Here’s 2 of my 5 completed new diapers. My first one turned out way too small. I think I read the pattern wrong, so Silje’s cabbage patch doll has a new diaper now. Of the 4, these are the 2 nice ones. (The other 2 are good enough for the new little one to poop on, but nothing to show off!) The one on the left is a front snap, using the Little Comet Tails pattern. The one on the right is the Fattycakes pattern, which came to me highly recommended. I think I’m going to like the Fattycakes one much better since it’s a side snap, and as you can see, has way more snap options as far as fat legs or belly, or skinny legs or belly combinations.

Here’s a picture of the inside snaps

Here’s a picture of the inside…if you care. There are still some marks on them from the sewing/snapping process if you look close. I haven’t washed them yet. The really pink fabric in the background is an upcoming project for Silje for Christmas.

Yes, this is our bedroom as of tonight. We have finished tearing the wallpaper, washing down the walls, and Knut primed and painted it. There was a small unknown water problem that was way easier to take care of then we first thought, so that got done. There was also much debate about whether or not we should retexturize the walls, but we decided to leave it mostly because we have no more money for this project, and it sounded like a big messy job. I hope Knut will be happy with that decision, as I think it looks fine. The color of the walls is Behr “prelude”, if anyone wants to know, and I don’t know if the color is accurate on your screen. You are also seeing my finished quilt, with a coverlet from Herbergers at the end. I still need to make shams and pillows, and Knut and I are planning on making a headboard together… but all in good time! I don’t think the headboard will get done before the baby comes, and maybe even not for another year or two…but we’ll see. We’re planning an upholstered headboard. Knut would handle the frame and I would handle the upholstery. We’re so broke and so cheap that I’m not sure there’s going to be much in the room that we didn’t make ourselves. Well, the end tables, which aren’t in the picture yet, but those were bought. They were 75% off at Target, but they are store bought! Yeah, I’m cheap.

Lots of projects!

Well I haven’t been that good at blogging the last few days, but I have a bunch of pictures to show what at least I (Gretchen) have been busy doing.

This is Silje and Knut right before one of his Monday night church league softball games. They have lost in the playoffs now, so we already miss the Monday night fun!

This is part of a baby sweater I’m working on for Knut’s cousin’s wife (who is also my good friend.) I have the front and sleeves done (not shown) and just have the back to do, put it together, and then put the fun embroidery on top. I really like how fast this has knitted together! I think I like doing baby things…they go so quickly!

Well, some of you know that we use cloth diapers in our house. (Well, except Knut and I. We’re potty trained now.) I started using cloth diapers when David was about 6 mos. old, and haven’t turned back because I really like it. Honest! We don’t use the old fashioned pins and folding, but the diapers that snap on just like disposables. I didn’t pick the kind with velcro, because I heard they are a pain to wash as they catch each other and wear out the diapers. Anyway, I have further decided that for the new baby, we would need smaller diapers. Since I don’t want to buy them again, and I have this great sewing machine, I’m making new diapers for the baby. This was the diaper pattern picture (again, sorry It’s blurry) that I chose, although there were about 3 other on the internet I almost bought. I’ve been busy researching the best fabrics to use, and have made lots of friends on a internet site called “diaper sewing divas.” Yes, there is a discussion board for moms who sew diapers on the internet.
So far I have purchased fabric for the inside of the diaper (called the soaker) and the inner part of the diaper (that’s right next to the baby’s skin.) I splurged and got a cotton/hemp terry for the soaker. I have to tell you that I didn’t feel like I was a hippie until I got fabric with a bit of hemp in it. It holds more pee than plain cotton, and is naturally antibactiral. (sorry, I can’t spell that right now.) For the inner, I was going to use flannel, as it was cheaper, but really wanted some nicer fabric. I found this fabric called suede cloth that is polyester, but actually pulls moisture away from the baby’s butt faster than anything else. It doesn’t stain, pill, etc. It’s normally $9/yd, but I found it online for $2.99/yd on sale, which was only .02 more a yrd than the flannel, so I went for it. Now I just need a little bit more cotton and my PUL fabric (the plastic stuff) and am making a special trip to Fargo this friday to pick out some fun ones. After then, I’ll be busy sewing.

This is my diaper fabric just waiting to be sewn up. I’ve started sewing the rectangles for the soakers on top.

This is my fun new tool that I got for the diapers. It’s a snap press. I haven’t assembled it yet, but I’m pretty excited to see how it works.

This is Silje and her pink poodle, who she thought should go on the computer too.

This is this morning harvest from the vegi garden. Shelling these peas, snapping the beans, and roasting, pureeing, and freezing the tomatoes will take me about 3 hours to finish. I have to do this about every other day in the summer, which I think will really pay of this winter with my full freezer!

This is one corner of Knut’s and my room that I’ve been tearing down wallpaper in all summer. This is such a tedious job and I am so sick of it…but I’m almost done! Knut promised it would get painted this month, but we’ve been watching the olympics every night so far instead of working on this. I think we might have to get a little more disciplined!

Here’s this corner basically done.

This corner hasn’t been started yet, besides pulling of some big chunks on top.

This small wall hasn’t been started yet, but it gives a good “before” picture so you can see what we’re tearing down.

Here’s something I whipped up when I was bored with my other projects. It’s just a little baby blanket for the new baby. It’s soft flannel with beige dots on one side, and soft, fuzzy, minky fabric with dots on the other side. It is so soft and cozy, I know the baby will love it! I got it done with cutting, measuring and sewing in about 2 hours last week. It shouldn’t have taken so long, but I forgot how tricky it can be sewing together a knit and woven fabric, as one stretches!

This is a baby sling I whipped up. I love my baby bjorn, but my kids didn’t like their feet being separated when they were newborns. So this was one of the many free patterns on the internet, so I’ll try it out. I only had to sew 2 straight lines and it was done…so easy to say the least. The hardest part was measuring because slings have to fit you perfectly to work, so I had to measure myself several times, and I think it might be about an inch too small. This was just some plaid fabric I had lying around, that I thought might look kind of Christmasy for our Christmas baby coming. I’ll have to see if I like using a sling or not. I didn’t buy this fabric, it was just in my stash, and I just had to sew so little, so it wasn’t that much of a time investment. So if I hate using it, I don’t think there will be too much lost!

Well, I don’t know why this turned out sideways and blurry on the computer, but this is the tied quilt that I’m making for Knut and me. I just need to finish the edges and whip up some shams and I’m done. I thought this project would take me about 2 weeks, but it’s been about 3 months, mostly because I got bored with it so many times, because I thought it would only be 2 weeks! I hope to have the edging done by the end of the week, so we can finally have it on our bed.

This is my little boy smiling for the camera.

Well, to those of you who have never seen my crafty side, there you go. I’m pretty proud I have stayed on top of these projects, and that so many of them are so close to being done, so I can get started on these diapers! I still have to make another blanket like the fuzzy one I made for our baby (one of Knut’s old roommates has a wife who is due soon) and another little sweater for my sister in law’s new baby, so the projects will keep coming!

O Deer!

Well, I have more animal pictures to share today. I guess it’s the city girl in me that is astonished that deer would wander into my yard. It’s Sunday afternoon and I had just gotten Silje, David, and Knut down for a nap, and was looking forward to some quite time in the house, when I passed my kitchen window, and saw a deer by my apple trees. I was just like from a movie or something. I called up to Knut in our bedroom above the kitchen, and told him to look out the window. After looking out, he said “You better go outside and chase it away.” “Why?” I called back. “It’s beautiful.”
“Well, it’s eating all your apples.” He was right. And though I think deer are beautiful in my lawn, I would like my apples to ripen this fall. So I stomped outside, thinking that would be enough, but the thing made me walk towards it, as far as our summer kitchen, before it ran away. I looked to see where it was running to, since it is such a beautiful sight to see a deer leap and bound like that. It stopped by my vegetable garden, not to eat, but to look at me with it’s lady friend. I didn’t bring my camera outside, which I should have. She was a beautiful deer looking back at me. The 3 of us had a staring contest for a little while longer before I sighed, and started walking towards the two of them again. They both ran away, next to the tall corn field, behind the barn, and then safely crossed the highway, and bounded off into the soy bean field.
It’s a shame that beautiful creatures like deer and rabbits make such trouble on a farm, because I think it’s fun to see deer and cuddly bunnies. However, my mother in law said that the rabbits ate all of her peas this year, so she has none to harvest, and that is a pretty serious offense in our book. There’s nothing like eating fresh raw peas right in your garden, and I would be mad too if rabbits undid all of that work. Knut said that if we started having a rabbit problem, we would definitely have to put off getting a dog, so it could chase them away. Fortunately, those foxes that I posted awhile back have pretty much taken care of any rabbits on our property for now. Not that I don’t want a dog. I just think that having a dog and baby in the same year might be a little bit much for me.