Clutzy David

Well, our poor rough and tumble David has had a few rough days. No broken bones or anything. Last Wednesday he kept repeatedly banging his head into something. We counted 4 times that he hurt his head from little accidents. One of them he was pushing one of his cars around to show Grandma Linda how fast he could go. He had his head down as he pushed the car, and ran right into Grandma’s chair. It looked liked it hurt. What was worse, 2 of the 4 bumps happened in the same spot right under his eye, so it looks like he has a black eye. You think that would be enough, but he hurt his head again while going down for his nap on Thursday. (And let me tell you…it’s no small task to manage hurting yourself while climbing into a soft bed.) He’s taking it all in stride; he’s a very tough boy. I hope this clutziness ends soon though.
Oh, and by the way…I just got the address for my cousin Jordan’s blog and added it to our blog list. He is in China too, (like my Uncle Eric, and an additional cousin of mine.) He can post the blog, but oddly enough, he can’t view it due to the great China firewall. He’s the oldest son of Anne and Tom, who were just visiting us. Anyway, he’s a very talented writer, so for those of you who enjoy a little culture and humor mixed together, take a look.

A Peaceful Day

Well, life has been pretty calm this weekend, as planting ended on Thursday. My aunt and uncle from Arizona were here for a class reunion, and although they had lots of parties to be at, we got to spend a little time with them. I am so blessed with my family who is always so encouraging! On Sunday they took a little tour of the farm. Anne Marie made the comment that the sprayer looks like something out of “Star Wars.” Our big green lawn is so different from the lawns in Phoenix that they were constantly looking outside. Sunday afternoon I found myself gazing outside too, and happened to see a deer wander into our lawn. We walked outside, and it turns out that there were two of them. Knut caught this picture of Tom taking a picture just a few feet away with his camera phone. Knut never remembered deer in the yard before, and it was fun to see.

This morning I was doing laundry and looked out the laundry room window and saw a little red fox on the wood pile behind the house. It left before I could even think about my camera, but it was also a special treat this morning. I makes me feel so lucky to live so close to wildlife, as so few people do these days. Not that many people get to see something so beautiful as a part of everyday life.
Silje and David shared a room this weekend while we had guests. It started out okay, but by Sunday afternoon, they were more about playing than sleeping. David kept climbing into Silje’s bed, and he tore down quite a bit of wallpaper in there as well. Knut and I weren’t planning on tearing down the wallpaper in that room for several years, if ever. I guess David decided it should come down. He’s been picking at it for a few weeks, and we’ve been trying to stop it. This weekend though, big sheets of it came off while he was supposed to be sleeping. Needless to say, I’m glad Silje can get back in her own room tonight. Even though she did pretty good, David was constantly getting into trouble when she was in there. It can’t all be David’s fault, as Silje has a history of talking David into doing naughty things while she stands by and watches.
Knut chaperoned a youth group guys lock-in last night at our church. He hasn’t returned yet, but I’m sure he had fun. This morning on the phone he said that he got to sleep around 3am, but he got to sleep in until 9am, which is really late for him. He’s surprised that he got 6 hours of sleep! He has the day off today, which I wasn’t expecting. The kids are really looking forward with playing with Daddy more. Anne and Tom cracked up laughing when David ran up to them when they came down from their room Saturday morning and introduced himself and then pointed at Knut and said “This is my friend, Daddy!”

Mommy’s lips

Well, today will hopefully be the last day of planting on the Ronnevik farm. Good thing too, because my vegetable garden is not planted yet, and I need Knut’s help. (Last time I planted by myself I planted crooked, so Knut says he needs to “help” me this year.) We are looking forward to hosting my Aunt Anne Marie and Uncle Tom from AZ this next weekend while they are in town for Anne’s class reunion. As the first trimester is shortly over, I’m slowly getting some energy back, so I have a lot of projects around the house that have desperately been needing some attention! With me being so tired, and Knut working such long hours, we have both slept so heavily at night. This morning Knut didn’t have to be at work early, and we were planning on sleeping in until 7, when the kids usually wake up. However, they woke up at 6:30, so we offered to cuddle with them in bed while we were still waking up. They were so active and we couldn’t even open our eyes! David has a habit of going over “vocabulary” words when he first wakes up, as he points at things and tells us what they are. He also likes finding things in common with people. He told Knut that he had a nose, and then showed Daddy that he had a nose too. Low and behold, even Mommy had a nose. David then pointed out his lips, and saw that Daddy has lips too! Daddy said, “and David, where’s Mommy’s lips?” “They’re outside.” David said simply. Knut and I pried our eyes open and looked at each other as we were trying to figure out what he just said. “David, where’s Mommy’s lips?” Knut asked again. “Outside!” David proclaimed loudly. Knut asked again, and this time David went out to window and pointed out to my flower garden. Pointing right at my tuLIPS he proclaimed again…”Mommy’s lips!” Well, Knut and I got our laugh for the morning, and Knut predicted that the story would end up on our blog today. I guess he was right.

(David’s wears Daddy’s hat over lunchtime)
Okay, I added a countdown for the baby, so we can see how the baby is developing. I think the little fact for today is kinda awkward for setting this thing off, but o well. Life has gotten extremely busy as the farm is in planting mode. My father-in-law said they are hoping to start on soy beans today, which is a good sign that the corn is pretty close to being done…maybe. I really don’t know.
Anyway, Knut usually makes breakfast for the kids, and shares that one on one time with him, and lets me sleep in (which I think I mentioned before) but now he gets up and leaves before all of us on most days. (It’s pretty unpredictable, though.) So I get up with the kids, and I’m way grumpier than Daddy in the morning, so it’s tough of all of us. By the time Daddy steps home for lunch, the kids are climbing all over him. After a quick lunch, Knut works way past the kids bedtime, and they sometimes don’t see him until the following day’s lunch. When soy bean planting starts, he probably won’t come home for lunch anymore, and we’ll bring it out to him.

Silje is actually doing really good with Knut’s absence. In previous years, she has had trouble sleeping, and would really act out when Knut wasn’t around. She’s only woken up in the middle of the night wanting to see Daddy once. David however is really thrown for a loop, as he doesn’t know how to handle himself when Daddy’s at work. He’s at the same age Silje was when she acted out when Knut was gone a lot, so I’m hoping that he’ll start to understand where Daddy is in future busy times. Silje will tell me that Daddy is working on putting seeds in the ground not so they can grow big and tall. She’s really into plants lately, so this job seems really cool to her right now. Knut says that David’s not so much mad that Daddy is missing, as much as he’s mad he can’t be driving a tractor out there with him. There’s a lot of truth to that statement.
Well, I have another update about the kid’s future plans for when they grow up. David has finally decided that it would be better to be a race car driver than the actual race car. Silje has decided that she wants to be a jump rope teacher, and have a school that teaches little kids how to jump rope. She hasn’t figured out to jump rope yet, but I have a feeling that if she wants to teach it professionally, she’ll get it soon. :)