The cutest thing…

Well, it was my (Gretchen) birthday this weekend, and we had a party at Richard and Linda’s house (or at least their house for another week or so 😉 David was very eager to have a piece of chocolate birthday cake, and everyone was taking a little bit too long to get to the table to sing me “Happy Birthday.” He was starting to yell, and I told him we need to wait first until everybody sings to me. He then burst into the ABC song at the top of his lungs (which got everyone’s attention…because he never sings!) After his performance, I regrettably told him that everyone had to sing me the birthday song, not the ABC song, which he was disappointed about. (He doesn’t know all of the words to that song.) Since his rendition of the ABC’s was so cute, I captured it again this morning, to share with all of you. You might notice this isn’t to the traditional tune. He heard this version on a t.v. show called “Super Why” and it’s the only one he will sing!


Well, after a week of staying at home for fear of getting others sick…we’re still sick. We were all sick but the kids seemed to be better except some runny noses. Since it seemed to be settling down, we waited a few extra days to be conservative, but last night we went to one of Uncle Lars’ basketball games, and had a game night with Aunt Rondi and Uncle Chris afterward. We took the kids to church this morning because we just had to get out of the house. It was a good day to go since our friend who is in seminary, Tony, was preaching this morning. I was a little suspicious when David wasn’t squirming or being loud, and never had to be taken out. He wanted to sit and snuggle with Mommy for the whole service. Silje, however, did just fine, until after the short congregational meeting she threw up all over herself in the bathroom. I quickly got her coat on to take her home, and Knut came over to me with David in his arms. David’s fever had returned, and he had a hazy look on his face. Kathy, our pastor’s wife gave me a sympathetic look as I was just telling her earlier this morning that I was so sick of the inside of my house. After missing Bible studies and church and any get togethers with any friends for over a week, I am ready to get on with life…but I guess not yet.


Sorry I didn’t proofread my previous post too well. The kids didn’t stay home with the sleeping kids. Knut stayed home with the sleeping kids. Thought that would make more sense.

Busy days!

Well, David had a terribly bad hair day! No matter what we did it stuck straight up in the front, and it didn’t seem to bother him one bit!

Silje is looking pretty here. She always pulls open her peanut butter and jelly sandwich to make a butterfly before she even thinks about eating it! She’s feeling much better, but we’re staying low for awhile so we don’t get anyone else sick. We decided to skip church on Sunday (gasp!) because Silje wasn’t acting like herself, and David had a small fever the day before. It was actually quite nice. Knut has been working so much for so long, and Sundays are so busy with church, and evening lent services and lots of good “stuff” that we don’t get to hang out much. Knut was bewildered for awhile, wondering what we would do, and we decided to finish painting our dressers for the next house. Unfortunately, one of the dressers is stuffed full of kitchen odds and ends that I rarely use like a lefse roller, seasonal cookie cutters, a cookie press, and cake decorating supplies. It also houses all of our birthday decorations and the kid’s craft supplies. Although these each get use at least once a year, they’re usually in this dresser in the corner. So now all of these things are starting to get packed up, or just sitting in my laundry baskets for lack of boxes. To anyone out there who has boxes…I need boxes! We are moving in 3 weeks! So now the dressers are sanded and primed. I will have the first coat of paint on during the kids nap today, and depending how dry it is, finish it up tomorrow. I ordered the new handles last night, so they should be on the dressers before the move. (yeah!) Unfortunately, my kitchen will look like this for about another day, with the kids constantly wanting to wear the birthday hats they found in one of the laundry baskets!