Life is back to normal

Sorry there hasn’t been a post in awhile. Life got a little crazy for awhile, as we encountered some weather on the way home from Phoenix, were in a wedding, celebrated a birthday, Christmas (again) and New Years, all within about 3 days. It took us awhile to recover from that! We are happy that life is back to normal a bit. Knut is working on his dad’s house every day, and they now have heat!! They are working on sheet rocking the walls, and Knut said the next time we visit, it will look very different!
I have been working on my quilt for Silje in my free time, and hope to post some pictures sometimes. I am also working on a new tied quilt for Knut and I, so we have some new things for our new house. It could get done really quickly, but for some reason I’m putting it off, because it’s more fun to work on Silje’s. I’ll get it done before we move, I hope.